Human Initiative’s QC Team Ensures Qurban Animals on Buru Island Comply with Shariah

12 June 2024
Human Initiative’s QC Team Ensures Qurban Animals on Buru Island Comply with Shariah

Buru Island, Maluku – Exciting news comes from Buru Island, Maluku! Mukhoer Abdul Syukur, a member of the Human Initiative’s Quality Control (QC) team, has successfully reached the location to ensure that 275 qurban cows from our Dear Initiators on the island comply with Islamic law.

Mukhoer is not alone; he and 13 other team members have traveled to 9 qurban distribution regions to ensure the qurban animals are in top condition. Together, they inspect the physical health of the animals, verify their age, and ensure they are free from defects.

Buru Island is one of the Human Initiative’s qurban distribution areas located in a remote part of Maluku. Due to difficult access, the Human Initiative QC team had to endure a long and challenging journey to reach the location.

In an interview, Mukhoer expressed his happiness for being honored to oversee the joy of qurban for our Dear Initiators.

Here is an excerpt from Mukhoer’s report video on Buru Island:

“We are here, insyaAllah, to help the qurban donors ensure that the process truly adheres to Islamic law,” said Mukhoer.

Thank you, Dear Initiators, for entrusting your qurban to Human Initiative through the Qurban Distribution Program. May Allah SWT accept our qurban and multiply its rewards.

For our Dear Initiators who haven’t had the chance to perform qurban, you can visit for more information.

Let us pray together:

O Allah, accept our qurban with Your full approval. Make this qurban a testament to our obedience to You. O Allah, bestow the rewards of this qurban upon the donors and lead them to Your paradise. Ameen.

Your Qurban Brings Joy to Them


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