Lisa, Tough Student in the Middle of Limitations

Lisa, Tough Student in the Middle of Limitations

15 October 2021

Her name is Lisa. Rubilah’s daughter is now 11 years old and currently studying at Bohol Elementary School, Gunung Kidul. Currently, she only lives with his mother and grandmother because her father passed away since 2019. In fact, at that time, she was only 8 years old and studying in the second grade of elementary school.

Lisa really likes Mathematics. “I like counting lessons,” she said. To go to school everday, Lisa has to walk a distance of approximately 500 meters. Before her bicycle broke down, Lisa usually went to school by bicycle. Now, she goes to school on foot.

Her daily routine after school is to accompany her mother to work in the fields. Her mother grows various kinds of crops, such as corn, peanuts, cassava, and chilies. However, the rice fields are not hers, but belong to someone else who rented it at a cost of Rp. 1,500,000.00 per year.


Having Heart Disease

Lisa is known to have a history of heart disease since she was in Kindergarten (TK). At that time, her face looked very pale and weak and her heart was weak when she heard the startling sound. For example, if there is a speeding motorbike nearby, she can be shocked and her heart disease will relapse. Then, what happened next is her face becomes pale, then she feels tired and weak.

Therefore, Lisa routinely checks to the hospital every month. However, because her family does not have vehicle at home, she goes to the hospital by motorbike or car to Panti Rahayu Hospital, Karang Mojo.

The transportation cost for the car is approximately Rp. 200,000.00. However, due to limited funds, she and her mother use motorbikes more often because they are cheaper, only around Rp. 100,000.00.

During a pandemic like now, Lisa doesn’t go to school every day, only once a week. While other days she has online class. Assignments from the teacher are also done at home and then sent via WhatsApp.

Lisa, who loves chocolate milk and drawing, is eager to have adequate school supplies. Because the school supplies she currently has are starting to break down and some are almost gone. In fact, she really needs school supplies, such as colored pencils, books, and school bags.

Initiator Friends, with Human Initiative, let’s help Lisa to be able to have adequate school supplies. Initiator Friends can visit the Solusi Peduli website or click the following link and channel the best donations to Lisa.


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