Assistance for Disabled Farmers Pratama Mandiri, Cimahi

Assistance for Disabled Farmers Pratama Mandiri, Cimahi

3 September 2021

The pandemic situations have taken the economy down to its knees. This is clearly visible in one of the independent primary disability farmer groups in the Cimahi area. They are struggling to fulfill their families’ food necessities by farming alone. Therefore, assistance for disabled farmers here is very much needed.

Surprisingly, no less than 20-25 people with disabilities are active in groups to cultivate land productively.

Ono, one of the tough quadriplegic farmers said “For now, our chili plants often fail and wilt because we don’t have adequate farming tools and have to rely on our own limited physical labor capability to water the plants an area of ​​800 m2 every morning and evening.”

Initiator Friends, the West Java Human Initiative is committed to continuously give assistance to disabled groups by providing support for agricultural equipment in the form of water pumping machines, plant sprinklers, and assistance.

The expression of joy was shown from the representatives of the disability group who received the agricultural equipment assistance. It seems the assistance for disabled farmers, which was initiated by the Human Initiative, provide benefits for the group of disabled farmers, Pratama Mandiri-Cimahi. Hopefully, the initial assistance can ease the group burden so that they are able to manage the land productively and efficiently.

In the future, there is a plan to turn an area of ​​no less than 1 Ha with land use rights managed by disability groups to be developed targeting vegetable, livestock, and more broadly ornamental plants market, which in the end will hopefully become an integrated edu-tourism area.


Relawan Human Initiative

Please pray and always support us, Initiator Friends. Our best support and prayers to them can help ease their burden and increase the quality of their lives.

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