Caring for the Health of Orphans in Aceh, Human Initiative Holds Medical Check-up

Caring for the Health of Orphans in Aceh, Human Initiative Holds Medical Check-up

26 October 2022

Human Initiative Through the Orphan Kafala Program, the program held medical check-ups for 250 orphans assisted by Human Initiative. In collaboration with the Indonesian Muslim Health Professionals Association (Prokami), this activity took place in Aceh Region on 16 and 23 October 2022. This activity took place at 7 places spread across 3 districts/cities in Aceh. These points include the city of Banda Aceh, the city of Sabang and Aceh Besar, including Pulo Aceh which is the outermost island in Aceh Besar.

Human Initiative as one of the international humanitarian NGOs continues to strive to continue to have an impact and benefit the community. One of the main focuses of Human Initiative is Child Protection. Through this program, Human initiative seeks to help meet the basic rights of children.

According to dr. Hendra Kurniawan, M. Sc., Sp. P(K), the General Chair of Prokami Aceh Region, this is the first and extraordinary collaboration for Prokami because this is our dedication and charity as Muslim health professionals.

“Hopefully this collaboration can continue,” he said when we met at one of the checkpoints in Aceh Besar.

Meanwhile, Rauzalia, the Field Officer of OKP HI Aceh as well as the person in charge of this activity said that the Medical Check Up For Orphans is a permanent and ongoing program every year.

“This activity is routinely carried out every year. In addition to health checks, we also provide packages of healthy food and medicines according to the needs of the child. We even facilitate children who need to carry out a more serious follow-up examination,” concluded Rauzalia.

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