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Human Initiative Distributes Food Packages for Affected of Semeru Eruption

Indonesia is in mourning, because Semeru, a volcano located in East Java, erupted last Saturday, December 4, 2021. Professor of the Geological Engineering Faculty of Padjadjaran University, Prof. Nana Sulaksana, said that the eruption on Saturday afternoon last week did not occur suddenly.

“So yesterday’s eruption was not sudden, but there had been an eruption of magmatism long before. Only yesterday during a big eruption, coincidentally with high rainfall,” said Nana, Monday (6/12/2021).

“If there is no rain, then all the material that comes out has not immediately turned into lava. This is because of the rainy season, it happened to be a heavy rain, the material piled up above was exposed to water and drifted into the river,” said Nana.

As a result of this eruption, as of Wednesday (12/15/2021), 10,158 people have been displaced and are still being updated every day, with affected residents spread over 151 evacuation points.

Humanitarian volunteers from all over the archipelago immediately gathered at the location shortly after the eruption. The Human Initiative responded to this phenomenon by sending 15 additional personnel. Coordinate with BPBD Kab. Lumajang and local volunteers distributed 100 boxes of mineral water and 2,172 ready-to-eat food packages, carried out search for victims and evacuations, cleared roads to facilitate evacuation in the Bondeli and Kajang areas, established water kitchens in Sumberwuluh Village, Lumajang, distributed masks, distributed 210 pieces mattresses and blankets, distribution of hygiene kits, distribution of food logistics, and SAR evacuation in Renteng Village.

Currently, there are several needs that are still considered urgent, including food packages for the survivors. Human Initiative wants to distribute basic food packages consisting of 1 package containing 5 kg of rice, 1 Liter of cooking oil, 1 kg of sugar, 800 ml of soy sauce, noodles, sardines, and canned milk.

Initiator Friends can help distribute food packages to our relatives who are affected by this phenomenon by donating through the Solusi Peduli website.

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Indonesian Humanitarian Congress

The Indonesian Humanitarian Congress is a presentation of Human Initiative‘s aim to facilitate the consolidation of the humanitarian sector in an effort to uphold and maintain the dignity of the Indonesian population. The other goal is to respond to the trend of increasing disaster risk in the context of a pandemic. As we all know, this pandemic condition continues to threaten and disrupt the momentum of achieving the SDGs by reducing the number of deaths. Human Initiative also aims to reduce suffering, fulfill people’s basic needs and protection, and strengthen community resilience, especially special needed and marginalized people.

Human Initiative organized the Indonesian Humanitarian Congress with the theme of The Role of Humanitarian Actors in Post-pandemic Recovery Against Aspects of Sustainable Development. This agenda is also in line with the platform developed by the Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture, namely the Solidarity and Generosity Movement and supports the initiation of the Indonesian Humanitarian Development Alliance (AP-KI) in the National Humanitarian Strategic Agenda Workshop.

This congress was held as a collaborative forum for the humanitarian community to determine humanitarian plans and strategies. Especially in the context of responding to the humanitarian aspects of disaster risk and the prolonged impact of the pandemic. The congress which was opened with a live performance of a traditional dance at 08.45 WIB, then it was then followed by singing Indonesian national anthem Indonesia Raya and a speech from the President of Human Initiative, Mr. Tomy Hendrajati, marking the opening of the conference.

The Indonesian Humanitarian Congress took place at the Java Ballroom, Hotel Millennium Sirih Jakarta. This event was divided into 4 sub-themes. The four sub-themes were Implications of Covid-19 on Humanity, SDG’s and Indonesia’s Humanitarian Agenda, Prospects of the Humanitarian Movement, and the last sub-theme was the Indonesian Humanitarian Context. The discussion session was held from 11.00 am to 3.00 pm Jakarta local time.

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Humanity Awards 2021 by Human Initiative

Indonesian people who live with high and increasing disaster risk have to deal with the impact of a heavy, widespread, and prolonged pandemic while the prospects for recovery will also be challenging and time-consuming. In 2020, apart from the Covid-19 Pandemic, in the exposure of the UN-OCHA-Global Humanitarian Report Overview 2020, globally there have been at least 389 disaster events causing 15,080 fatalities, affecting at least 98.4 million people. , with a total loss of $171.3 billion.

However, the pandemic also provides opportunities for civil society and humanitarian organizations in Indonesia on how to play a bigger and more tangible role in filling gaps and complementing government responses. Many humanitarian organizations and networks are growing and becoming stronger, and more and more innovative. Organizations like Human Initiative, for example, have even penetrated regional and global levels. This exciting movement needs a vehicle and discourse to be able to continue to survive and continue to grow even in the recovery phase and the new normal later.


Humanity Awards 2021 by Human Initiative

As a form of appreciation to the initiators of the humanitarian movement, in the Humanity Congress, the Human Initiative also gave appreciation to humanitarian activists with the title Humanity Awards 2021 which which took place on Wednesday, December 15, 2021 at the Java Ballroom, Hotel Millennium Sirih Jakarta. The year’s Humanity Awards are offerings from Human Initiative to humanitarian activists who for the past year had been selflessly doing real work and following a long journey for the sake of caring for others.

This activity has the opportunity to become a forum for aspirations and inspiration and to facilitate synergies between various parties. The hope is that we can discuss flashbacks on the journey of the humanitarian movement throughout 2021. The forum also invited representatives from Ministries, Government Institutions, Humanitarian Institutions, Philanthropic Institutions, UN Representatives, Donors, International Organizations, Media, Academics, as well as representatives from the Business Sector.

The election of these humanitarian figures is a form of appreciation for the dedication to real humanitarian work. Personification of the spirit of humanity, and an example for the humanitarian community in Indonesia in the future.

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Semeru Volcano Erupts, Human Initiative Team Help Evacuate Victims

The eruption of Semeru Volcano has been going on since Saturday afternoon, on December 4, 2021. The increase in Semeru Volcano activity coincides with the Fallen Hot Clouds. Because of this incident, the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) appealed to local residents to stay away from the area around the river at Semeru Volcano.

As of today, December 10, 2021, the activity level of Semeru Volcano is still at Level II (Alert). The total death toll continues to grow reachinh 43 people. The total number of affected residents who were injured was 104 people. 82 people suffered moderate injuries and 32 people suffered serious injuries. In response to this, the Government issued an Emergency Response Status for the Impact of Hot Clouds and Semeru Volcano Falls until January 3, 2022. The latest data is as of December 8, 2021.

Ferdiansyah, as Human Initiative Manager of Public Relations stated that the Human Initiative Team responded to this disaster by visiting the affected location shortly after the eruption occurred. “We also joined the morning briefing, and then coordinated with the Head of BPBD of East Java Province and the Regent of Lumajang to help evacuate the affected residents,” said Ferdiansyah.

“We also deployed 15 additional personnel and 3 ambulance units to go to the location.” continued Ferdiansyah. Not only that, the Human Initiative team also distributed masks, hygiene kits, mineral water, ready-to-eat food, other basic needs, and established of water kitchens.

Initiator Friends, currently Semeru still needs additional assistance. Come on, together with Human Initiative, let’s help the victims fulfill their needs through your best donations at Solusi Peduli.

Initiator Friends, you can go directly there to help with the evacuation process. Come Immediately register yourself at HIVE and wait for confirmation from us.

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World Human Rights Day: The Struggle of Mr. Roger, A Refugee from Africa

Today, December 10, 2021, people in the world celebrate Human Rights Day. Therefore, on this World Human Rights Day, Human Initiative editorial team specifically presents an inspiring story about the struggle of Pak Roger, a refugee from Africa who has lived in Indonesia for a long time.


Mr. Roger’s First Time in Indonesia

Pak Roger came to Indonesia from the Republic of Congo, Central Africa. In 2015, his family (a wife and four children) and he fled to Indonesia. He shared that his first time in Indonesia was rather difficult.

“When I first came to Indonesia, everything was difficult because I didn’t know anyone here. At that time, I lived in Cisarua for 3 months. After that, I came to the Mormon Church, and I got a lot of help there. Every day I came to church to pray, and then they gave me some food and helped me with my daily struggles.” said Pak Roger.

“But then I felt like that wasn’t enough. I have to work, but don’t know where to start. Because the location for refugees in Indonesia is very limited. So then I came here (Sentul), visited community chief to take care of the farm. Thank God, community chief was amazed by my work. He said that people rarely come to offer their skills, most people come just to borrow money, ask for food, but I offered to take care of his farm. Because of it, the community chief was willing to help me,” said pak Roger.

“Initially I was a little hesitant when I decided to move to Indonesia because I saw from the media, television, that Indonesia is a country with the largest Muslim population. Meanwhile, what I see from various media, Islam is a bad religion, always invites war. But thank God, it turned out to be all wrong, my judgment after living in Indonesia for 5 years, Muslims in Indonesia are fine, they are all friendly. If we give respect, be friendly, they will also show the same response,” said pak Roger.

Finally, Pak Roger received the trust to take care of a 3-hectare farm in Sentul area on a lease system. In fact, Pak Roger also offered jobs for the locals as farmers because he could not manage such a large land alone.

“We have the African Refugees community and my responsibility as a leader in that community is to make sure they don’t starve and are able to survive in Indonesia. Our priority in managing this farmer is to help our community if someone needs food. The rest, we sell our harvests to several markets, such as Sentul Market, Warung Jambu Market, and Bogor Market,” explained Pak Roger.


Human Initiative Provides Business Training for African Refugee Communities

For information, Human Initiative has provided entrepreneurship training and provided a prize in the form of business capital for Roger as a refugee with the best business plan. “I am very grateful to Human Initiative for providing us with training as well as additional capital for me to manage this farm. I have come to understand how to manage a business, make financial reports, and develop marketing strategies,” said pak Roger.

In the future, he expressed that he wants to get additional capital so that the farm he manages can develop better. “I realize, that I am a refugee. When I came to Indonesia, I knew I might not be able to get a job easily. But I believe in myself. I am able to manage the garden, I know how to raise cows, goats, sheep, I know and believe in myself that I will do my best,” concluded Pak Roger.

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Human Initiative Distributes Basic Food Packages to Residents Affected by Semeru Volcano Eruption

Indonesia is mourning. Semeru, a volcano located in East Java, is showing signs of increasing activity. Even after a pyroclastic flow and floods of cold lava first happened last Saturday, December 4, 2021. Professor of the Geological Engineering Faculty of Padjadjaran University, Prof. Nana Sulaksana, said that the eruption on Saturday afternoon last week did not occur suddenly.

“So yesterday’s eruption was not sudden, but there had been an eruption of magmatism long before. “However, yesterday a big eruption coincided with e heavy rainfall.” said Nana, Monday (6/12/2021).

“If there is no rain, then all the material that came out would not immediately turn into lava. But since we are in a rainy season, heavy rain comes quite often, and thus the material piled up above was exposed to water and drifted into the river, “said Nana.

As a result of this eruption, as of Tuesday (7/12/2021), 69 people were seriously injured, 100 were lightly wounded, 34 died, and 27 were missing.


Human Initiative Distributes Basic Food for Semeru Eruption Survivors

Humanitarian volunteers from all over the archipelago immediately gathered at the location after the Semeru eruption occurred. The Human Initiative responded to this phenomenon by sending 15 personnel, in coordination with Lumajang regency and local volunteers, distributed 100 boxes of mineral water and 500 packages of ready-to-eat food. The team searched for victims, helped with evacuation, cleaned roads to facilitate evacuation in Bondeli and Kamar Kajang regions, established a water kitchen in Sumberwuluh Village in Lumajang, distributed masks, 210 mattresses and blankets, hygiene kits, food logistics, and helped the SAR evacuation effort in Renteng Village”

Currently, there are several urgent needs, including food packages for the survivors. Human Initiative is planning to distribute basic food packages consisting of 1 box containing 5 kg of rice, 1L of cooking oil, 1 kg of sugar, 800 ml of soy sauce, pigeon noodles, sardines, and canned milk.

Initiator friends can help with the distribution of food packages to our brothers and sisters affected by this phenomenon by donating through Solusi Peduli. Let’s help lighten their grief so they can smile again amid current situations.

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Urgent Logistics Supply Needs, Human Initiative Builds Water Kitchen for Semeru Eruption Survivors

Initiator Friends, as we all know, there was an increase in the activity of the Semeru Volcano followed by Hot Clouds Falling on Saturday, December 4, 2021, at 15.00 pm yesterday. As a result of this phenomenon, as of Tuesday (7/12/2021), there were 5,205 affected residents, with 2,004 residents residing in 19 evacuation points spread over three sub-districts: Pronojiwo, Kec. Candipuro, and Kec. Pasirian.

In addition, 2,970 houses are covered with volcanic ash. Thirty-nine (39) units of public facilities were also affected by this eruption. Thirty-eight (38) units are educational facilities and 1 bridge. The Gladak Perak Bridge was destroyed, causing the route between Candipuro sub district and Pronojiwo sub district to be inacessible. The public is advised to stay away from the area around the river that originates at Semeru Volcano.

Until now, Mount Semeru is still at Alert Level II. According to Accuweather’s radar, the air reaches high levels of pollution and is unhealthy for sensitive groups.


Human Initiative Builds Water Kitchen for Semeru Eruption Survivors

The Human Initiative team was launched to the affected area shortly after the eruption. The team also joined the morning rally and coordinated with the Lumajang Regent to carry out the active evacuation of the affected residents. In addition, the Human Initiative team consisting of 15 personnel has also distributed ready-to-eat food and mineral water for displaced residents.

In a situation like this, the people are in dire need of assistance in logistical supplies. The human Initiative team responded to this by establishing a water kitchen in Sumberwuluh Village, Lumajang. The water kitchen provides, among other things, drinking water, warm water, coffee, tea, milk, and various brewed drinks for the survivors.

However, one water kitchen is certainly not sufficient for all the needs of the survivors. Human Initiative is planning to build the next water kitchen at a different point in the future.

Initiator Friends, let’s work together to help our brothers and sisters affected by the Semeru eruption. You can contribute to this movement by praying for the affected survivors and giving your best donation through Solusi Peduli.

We are waiting for the contribution of all Initiator Friends.

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Story of Rosyad, Human Initiative Volunteer who Helped Evacuating Victims of Semeru Volcano Eruption

Rosyad, a volunteer for Human Initiative, has been at the Semeru post since Sunday afternoon, December 5, 2021. At that time, the ash rain was still ongoing. He even said that his black clothes had turned gray. “I came here wearing a black shirt, that shirt is now turning to gray because it was raining ash yesterday,” said Rosyad.

“This morning also around 9, we had an early morning brief. It turned out that there was another eruption and hot clouds. Finally the team immediately went there. But on the way we met many other volunteers, including the TNI, BNPB had returned back because the hot clouds were getting worse. So this morning it was not possible. It’s sad,” he continued.


Various Stories at The Eruption Location of Semeru Volcano

Rosyad revealed that his desire to become a volunteer was his biggest dream. The first time he joined Human Initiative Volunteer Energy (HIVE) his heart was already moved to help and interested in going directly to the disaster site. Moreover, now that Rosyad has experienced for himself how to become a Semeru volunteer, he has learned many valuable stories and lessons that made him feel goosebumps, moved, sad, all of his emotions mixed into one.

“I saw myself when I was evacuating, there was a small child who turned out to be the younger brother of the body we found. So the younger brother saw firsthand the condition of his brother’s body that we were evacuating, it was lying stiff because of the cold lava. I feel like crying when I remember that. I can’t imagine how the sister felt when she saw her sister’s body like that,” while holding back his tears.

“There is also a story about a mother who keeps looking for her child, she continues to explain the characteristics of her child and asks the team whether her child has been found or not. Once found, the mother was in a situation at the border fence because we found her child in the rescue area, so she couldn’t go in to meet her own child. I’m crying too, oh God, I’m really sad,” continued Bang Rosyad.

He conveyed his hopes to the Initiator Friends, “Friends, all of you, for those who cannot go directly to the field to become volunteers, maybe because of time constraints or other things, don’t ever get discouraged. You can donate in accordance with your field. For example, creating informative content on social media, inviting other people to help, or becoming an educator, that is also a real action.”

“You can find human figures in yourself according to your respective passions and expertise. Stay positive!” the lid.

Initiator Friends, for those of you who are also interested in contributing with the Human Initiative, you can visit HIVE official website or channeling your best donations to those affected by the eruption of Semeru Volcano at Solusi Peduli. Cheers!

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Residents Affected by Semeru Volcano Eruption Continue to Increase, Human Initiative Deploys Additional Personnel

Jakarta – Due to the ongoing eruption of Semeru Volcano, the number of affected people has reached 5,205 people. On Sunday, December 5, 2021, at 18.00 WIB, the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) held the second Post-Eruption Development Press Conference of Semeru Volcano.

Abdul Muhari as the Acting Head of the BNPB Disaster Data Center at a press conference revealed that a total of 5,205 people were affected by the eruption of Semeru Volcano. “The meaning of the number of affected residents here is the total number of affected residents, both due to avalanches and hot clouds recorded in 2 sub-districts. Also the result of volcanic ash in 8 sub-districts,” he said.

As many as 1,300 of the affected residents have fled to safer places. This figure was stated directly by Suharyanto as the Head of BNPB Lt. Gen. TNI who is currently at the location.

Then, as of 17.30 this afternoon, 14 people died. The number of affected residents who suffered injuries was 56 people, with details of 21 people experiencing minor injuries and 35 people experiencing serious injuries.


Human Initiative Response to Semeru Volcano Eruption

Human Initiative team has rushed to the affected location shortly after the eruption occurred on (4/12). Meanwhile, this morning the team held a morning rally and coordinated with the Lumajang Regent and the Head of BPBD of East Java Province.

Human Initiative dispatched an additional team to the affected areas as many as 3 ambulances and 15 personnel to assist in the search for victims and evacuation. In addition, they have also carried out regional assessments and distributed assistance in the form of ready-to-eat food, masks, hygiene kits, other basic needs and the establishment of water kitchens.

Friends of the Initiator, let’s together reach out to the communities affected by the eruption of Semeru Volcano by giving your best donation to Solusi Peduli. May your good deeds can reduce the burdens of the survivors and those who you help can be witnesses of your good deeds in the future.

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International Volunteer Day: Mrs. Teza, a Selfless Volunteer

International Volunteer Day falls on December 5 every year. On this Volunteer Day commemoration, the Human Initiative editorial team will specifically present the inspiring volunteer story of Mrs. Teza.

She revealed she has been a volunteer for 5 years, to be precise since 2016. For Mrs. Teza, volunteering is a calling that she cannot ignore. There are always lessons, good memories, and valuable lessons to be learned every time she goes to the location to help the affected residents.

“I most often learn patience when I am the field. At first I was confused, every time I go to a disaster location, I don’t understand why some of those who are affected by the disaster can accept it gracefully, so humble, patient. Even though we who saw it must have been thrilled, right? But seeing their response like that makes us feel even more embarrassed. Because those, who should be able to complain, choose to be tolerant, believe in Allah, there is a purpose behind all of this. We feel as if we are slapped,” said Mrs. Teza.

Therefore, as a volunteer, Mrs. Teza feels happy if she can provide benefits and comfort the affected people. She was very happy to see them smiling again even though they were still in a difficult situation.


Motivation of Mrs. Teza to be a Volunteer

Furthermore, Mrs. Teza added, it was her parents who helped shape her into an active volunteer until now. “My parents actually encouraged me to be a volunteer. Maybe other people see that I’m a woman, why do I want to be tired of being a volunteer. But when my father saw me just sitting at home, he asked what charity I had done that day? My father and mother keep reminding me that wherever I am, I must spread benefits to others. Because with that, God will help our family,” said Mrs. Teza.

Of course, being a volunteer is not easy. There are always challenges when it comes to unfamiliar locations. However, Mrs. Teza thinks, if our intention is to seek Allah’s pleasure, everything will be easy and light.

On this International Volunteer Day, Mrs. Teza has hope for her fellow volunteers who are struggling out there. “Volunteers everywhere, whoever works in the field of humanity, don’t ever feel arrogant. But keep in mind, what practice we haven’t done today. Hopefully, our tiredness as volunteers will be the weight of our charity scales in the future.” close Mrs. Teza.

Initiator Friends, you can also become a humanitarian volunteer like Mrs. Teza. It’s really easy, just visit the HIVE official website and register yourself right now. Come on, be an agent of change starting with yourself.

Happy International Volunteer Day!

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After Semeru Volcano Eruption, BNPB Suggests These 4 Things

Jakarta – The National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) held a Press Conference on Post-Eruption Developments of Semeru Volcano on Saturday, December 4, 2021. The press conference took place from 20.00 to 20.45 WIB.

Abdul Muhari as the Acting Head (Plt) of the BNPB Disaster Information and Communication Data Center stated the status of level II or alert for the activity of Semeru Volcano. Therefore, BNPB recommends several anticipatory actions to reduce the impact of this condition. The 4 recommended activities from BNPB are as follows.

  1. Residents, tourists, and visitors are advised not to move within a 5-kilometer radius of the crater opening in the southeast-south sector as well as a 1-kilometer radius from the crater of Semeru Volcano.
  2. Be wary of lava avalanches, hot clouds of avalanches, and lava found along valleys or streams coming from the peak of Semeru Volcano.
  3. Be aware of potential slides along the Besuk Kobokan hot cloud valley.
  4. Considering that there is a large amount of volcanic material that has already been formed, local people are advised to be aware of the threat of lava from Semeru Volcano in river channels or valleys.


Latest Report on The Eruption of Semeru Volcano

Abdul added, BNPB continues to advise local residents to remain alert to the eruption of Semeru Volcano. “Please continue to pay attention to the recommendations that the Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation (PVMBG) has issued in this press conference,” he said.

So far, ten people have been reported to have been hit by the hot lava of Semeru Volcano, which resulted in burns. Some of them only suffered minor injuries. However, some others received serious burns all over their bodies.

In response to this disaster, Human Initiative responsively conducted an area assessment and assisted in the evacuation process of the affected community. It also coordinated with BPBD Lumajang Regency. Local volunteers were also mobilized for optimal achievement.

Initiator Friends, let’s help residents affected by Semeru eruption by giving your best donation to Solusi Peduli. Your donation means everything for them.

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Mrs. Neneng’s Sincere Prayer for Her Students

Last November 25, precisely on the occasion of National Teacher’s Day, Human Initiative team had an opportunity to meet an education hero whose sincere love for her students seen from her eyes.

Neneng Juriah is a teacher who has experienced ups and downs in teaching and learning. This year, she has been a teacher for 23 years.

Every day Mrs. Neneng wakes up early to do night prayer or qiyamulail. Then she continues with the morning prayer and then gets ready to open the learning link to explain the material to her students through a zoom meeting. Before the pandemic hit, at 6 am Mrs. Neneng had already left the house to go to the school.

Her students who happily stood in front of the school fence and greeted her was the most memorable thing she would not forget.

“These children are the greatest gift in my life, they give color to my life so that my life becomes meaningful,” said the thematic subject teacher.

Her love for education has been around since she was in elementary school. Mr. Arianto, her math teacher when she was in the 5th grade, was an inspirational figure. Starting from the way he teaches, how to give practice, and make the students comfortable. Pak Ariyanto managed to make mathematics less scary for his students.

In this special moment, Mrs. Neneng expressed her sincere hopes and prayers for her students.

She wants to see her students who have been considered as her own biological children can become pious children who are successful in this world and the hereafter. With teary eyes, Mrs. Neneng hopes that when she and the other teachers are gone, the prayers of her students will lead the asatidz to walk to His heaven.

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