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Present in 13 Provinces, HOME Program Gives Positive Impact in Protecting the Rights of the Nation’s Children

National Children’s Day 2022 which falls on July 23 is an important momentum for the Indonesian people to create a great future generation. This can be done if we together guarantee the fulfillment of children’s basic rights. The Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection (PPPA) through its official website explains that the protection of children’s rights is closely related to the quality of human resources in Indonesia. This is in accordance with the president’s directives in the 2020-2024 National Medium-Term Development Plan (RPJMN). That improving the quality of human resources, among others, through improving the quality of children, women and youth.

In response to this, Human Initiative in one of the pillars of its program “Initiative for Children” has a HOME (Hug, Opportunity, Mentality, Education) program. HOME Children Learning Center is a place for every child, especially orphans, to get support for the fulfillment of children’s rights and protection.
Vice President of Human Initiative Andjar Radite said, “Happy National Children’s Day! We hope that the nation’s children will be strong so that in the future Indonesia will become a superior nation, full of benefits and contribution to the sustainability of the world’s development as a whole. For this reason, the HOME Program is one of our collective efforts to fulfill children’s basic rights. A fundamental foundation in building the future we all hope for.”

HOME Present in 13 Provinces in Indonesia

Siti Salimatussa’diyah, Project Manager of HOME said that HOME now operates in 13 provinces in Indonesia. HOME has also had a positive impact on more than 1000 children of the nation.

Sugianto, one of the beneficiary parents of the HOME program in Depok, expressed his gratitude for the presence of the HOME Children Learning Center.
“We as parents are grateful to Human Initiative. HOME is here as a place for our children to play, learn and be creative,” he said.

On the occasion of National Children’s Day 2022, Human Initiative also held a series of events from 22 to 31 July. These activities vary from playing games, health checks, education, parades, webinars and awards for child care activists as well as launching the HOME campaign.

Initiator Friends, growing independence in children so that they become tough children is the dream of every family. Of course this can all be achieved if we all care about the fulfillment of children’s basic rights. Let’s support us to protect the basic rights of Indonesian children for the sake of creating a great future generation through Thank you Initiator Friends.

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Situation Report Tayum Earthquake, Abra-Philippines

An earthquake with a magnitude of 7.3 on the Richter Scale occurred on Wednesday (27/7) at 8.43 local time (7:43 WIB) hitting the east-southeast of Dolores, Philippines. According to the Philippine Agency for Volcanology and Sesmologists (PHVOLCS-DOST), the center of the earthquake was 11 km southeast of Dolores, Philippines with a depth of 25 km at 0743 UTC+7. The tremors were strong all the way to the capital Manila. Residents in high-rise buildings ran for safety when the earthquake occurred.
Based on initial reports, there is one construction worker affected, one house damaged in Bangued. A landslide occurred at Mt. Province and Abra, also occurred on Ambuklao Road Beckel, La Trinidad, and Marcos highway in Benguet. A hospital was reported that part of the building collapsed and was so badly damaged that patients and all staff had to be evacuated in Abra Province. Electricity and internet supplies were cut off in some areas of Baguio, while aftershocks continued.

To View Further Situation Reports, Please Click The Following Link

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Khalil, Karateka from Aceh Besar Wins Silver Medal for POPDA ACEH XVI 2022

Ulya Khalil, one of the students of Pondok Baitul Quran (BQ), Islamic Boarding School assisted by Human Initiative, won a Silver medal at POPDA ACEH XVI 2022 which was held on 20-26 June 2022 in Meulaboh, Aceh. Ulya is as one of the students of the Baitul Quran boarding school since 2018. Now he is 16 years old and is in High School.

Khalil has been interested in karate since he was 12 years old. And this year Ulya was successfully selected as one of the karateka representing Aceh Besar District at the POPDA Aceh XVI 2022 Karate Sport Branch.

In addition to pursuing Karate, Khalil also continued to add to his memorization while at the Pondok. Now his memorization has reached 6 Juz. He is also active in cottage activities such as scouts, BQ Fresh Chicken entrepreneurship and other cottage activities.

Khalil hopes that he can become a National Karate Athlete and complete his memorization up to 30 Juz. Khalil also hopes that students and children in Indonesia can continue to achieve their dreams.

“Alhamdulillah, I thank God for this achievement. I dedicate this victory to my parents, colleagues, teachers and donors who have supported me. I express my infinite gratitude to the donors who have provided assistance to me while studying at the Baitul Quran Islamic Boarding School. May Allah repay your kindness with rewards and goodness,” he said sadly during an interview with the Human Initiative team.

Initiator Friends, thank you for the support and trust in Khalil. Let’s continue to support the nation’s children to continue to excel both in the national and international arena. You can continue to support uman Initiative’s program by donating through Thank you for your good initiative.

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SITUATION REPORT, Flooding in Pati Regency, Central Java

Heavy rain poured down the slopes of Mount Muria, which is the headwater of several rivers in Pati Regency, Central Java, from Wednesday night (13/7) to Thursday (14/7) in the morning. The heavy rain that lasted all through the night made the embankments of several rivers lose their capacity to accommodate the rising water discharge. As a result, the embankment broke and the water overflowed into residential areas. The disaster occurred when most of the population was asleep. The flood swept through several residents’ houses, like a “small tsunami” that hit indiscriminately. At the time of the incident in the middle of the night, there were dozens of houses that were swept away by the flash flood.

The next morning, when the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) of Pati Regency together with elements of Pati Regency government came to the location, there were several points of the embankment had broken and became the cause of the flash flood. Based on the assessment, Pati Regency BPBD Rapid Response Team (TRC) found that there was one point of a broken river embankment with a length of approximately 25 meters in Bulumanis Kidul Village. As a result, 6 houses were washed away and 11 houses were lightly to moderately damaged. Meanwhile in Tunjungrejo Village, as many as 7 houses were swept away by flash floods after the Sat River embankment collapsed, while 7 other houses were heavily damaged.

Source :

National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB)

for more information, please download at the following link

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Human Initiative Qurban Program Delivers Benefits to Over 250,000 Families

Closing the series of activities for the 2022 Qurban Program. Human Initiative held the Closing Ceremony of Qurban Week on Wednesday (14/7). At the event, Human Initiative conveyed information on the number of sacrificial animals distributed to the beneficiaries.
Miftahul Surur, head of Qurban Human Initiative Program, told the story of the journey of this year’s Qurban Program. He said that Human Initiative as a partner for the distribution of Qurban made every effort to provide the best service.

“Since the beginning of the year, we have been trying to provide the best service to the sacrificers. Alhamdulillah, we found many qurbani who felt that the distribution of Qurban was mostly concentrated in big cities. They want this Qurban to be enjoyed by our brothers and sisters elsewhere. Especially places that do not have good access to meat, let alone Qurban meat. Therefore, Human Initiative has prepared a map of the distribution of beneficiaries in remote parts of Indonesia,” said Miftahul Surur.

Qurban Human Initiative 2022

As a Qurban Organizing Partner, Human Initiative through 2022 Qurban Program has reached 3 countries and 21 provinces. With a total distribution of 8,473 Sacrificial Animals involving more than 1200 volunteers. The number of animals has provided benefits to 257,175 benefits spread across various points throughout Indonesia.

Tomy Hendrajati, the president of Human Initiative expressed his gratitude for the support from many parties for this year’s Qurban program. He also said that the issue of Mouth and Foot Disease at this year’s Qurban moment was a challenge for Human Initiative. Therefore, collaboration with the Indonesian Veterinary Association (PDHI) is very helpful in ensuring the quality of the HI Qurban animals this year.
“Thank you to everyone for the support so far. This is not the end of this year’s Qurban program. We still have challenges ahead to continue to ignite the spirit of generosity and volunteerism to help our brothers and sisters. Especially those who have difficulty in getting access to nutritious food,” said Tomy Hendrajati.
Initiator Friends, thank you all for your support. Hopefully we can collaborate again on good programs in the future. May Allah accept all of our sacrifices and classify us as pious people, ameen.

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International Blood Donor Day June 14, Human Initiative Holds Blood Donation Activities

On June 14, 2022, we celebrate International Blood Donor Day which is also the birthday of Karl Landsteiner, a Nobel laureate who discovered blood types. To that end, Human Initiative will enliven the month of June by holding a Blood Donation activity at Human Initiative head office, in Depok, on Tuesday, June 21, 2022. The event will take place from 09.00 – 13.00 West Indonesia Time.

Indonesia is a country with a fairly high morbidity rate. The number of infectious, non-communicable diseases and the incidence of human error resulted in many occurrences of illness. One of them is anemia and postpartum bleeding. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the minimum amount of blood needed in Indonesia is around 5.1 million bags of blood per year, while the current production of blood is 4.1 million bags from 3.4 million donations. The number of blood donors during the Covid-19 pandemic has decreased drastically, due to the fear that donors will be exposed to the virus during the blood donation process.

As a form of concern for this phenomenon, Human Initiative holds a blood donation event. This event aims to help the Blood Transfusion Unit (UTD) collect donors in the “GIVE BLOOD SAVE LIFE” activity.

In this activity, all humanitarian activists in the Human Initiative and invited residents around Human Initiative office to donate blood. The terms and conditions apply to each prospective donor. This aims to maintain the quality of blood which will later be used for medical purposes.

Initiator Friends who want to join in this activity can directly contact Human Initiative admin. You can also follow the information on this activity by following Human Initiative social media at the following link. Hopefully this activity can help our brothers and sisters out there who need blood donors. Thank you for your good initiative.

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Qurban with Human Initiative is easier through the Transmart Outlet in Indonesia

Jakarta – Eid al-Adha is an important moment for Muslims because on that day Muslims perform Qurban or sacrificing cattle. To welcome the Eid al-Adha 1443 H, Thursday (9/6). Human Initiative and Transmart collaborated to open the qurban animal outlets in the Transmart branch throughout Indonesia. This is an effort to succeed Human Initiative Qurban Program in spreading the benefits of sacrificing to remote countries.

Eka Nurcahaya, Fresh Director of Transmart explained that Transmart is ready to collaborate with Human Initiative to succeed Sebar Qurban (Spread Qurban) program this year.

“Today’s program marks the beginning of the Qurban animal sales program throughout Transmart. We’ll prepare a booth in each of the outlets for all customers who want to buy. Don’t worry, our staff is ready to explain the purchase process. After the transaction takes place, the customer just waits for information and qurban certificates “, said Eka Nurcahaya.

Through this collaboration, Human Initiative Qurban program will distribute qurban to remote places in the country. Later, qurban meat will be distributed to regions that need qurban meat. In 3T areas (outermost, left behind and the most front areas), to areas which have minimal qurban meat and ex-disaster areas.

Human Initiative Vice President, Rully Barlian Thamrin, explained that this collaboration was part of the vision of the Mission of Human Initiative Qurban Program to provide easy access to Muslims who perform Qurban worship this year.

“We also hope, through this collaboration, there will be more and more families in remote countries, especially those who receive minimal qurban meat distribution”, he added.

The initiator friends, now sacrifice with Human Initiative will be easier. Apart from the sacrifice while shopping to the nearest transmart, you can also visit to be able to immediately buy the animal stock. May our qurban this year be accepted by Allah SWT, Aamiin.

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Human Initiative and the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs Collaborate to Give Bicycles to Papua

Jakarta – Friday (3/6), Human Initiative and the Ministry of Social Affairs (Kemensos) collaborated to distribute bicycles for the people in Sarmi Regency, Papua. The event was also attended by Tomy Hendrajati, the President of Human Initiative and also the Minister of Social Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, Tri Rismaharini. This collaboration was marked by symbolically handing over several bicycles at the office of the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs, Jakarta.

The bicycles will be sent to Sarmi Regency, Papua and will be distributed directly to Sarmi residents, especially for children. The handing over of the bicycles to the residents is scheduled to take place on the Indonesian Independence Day on August 17, 2022. There will be 50 mountain bikes (MB) to be distributed to Sarmi residents.

The President of Human Initiative, Tomy Hendrajati welcomed this collaboration. He explained that one of the spirits of Human Initiative is the spirit of collaboration. Tomy hopes that this collaboration will strengthen humanitarian work in helping others.

Children in Sarmi Regency, Papua are accustomed to using bicycles or walking. These bicycles will be very helpful for the children such as going to school. They have to travel several kilometers to get to their school. In addition, they will also feel joy after receiving these bicycles.

The Minister of Social Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, Tri Rismaharini, also expressed her gratitude to Human Initiative for this collaboration. He explained that the Ministry of Social Affairs welcomes the good intentions of various parties which want to contribute to the community.

Initiator Friends, hopefully this bicycle assistance can provide benefits for the residents in Sarmi Regency, especially the children there in carrying out their daily activities. Let’s continue to support good collaboration. You can donate to support other good collaborations through Thank you for your good initiative.

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7th GPDRR in Indonesia, Human Initiative: Community Assistance is a Key

Bali – For the first time in history, Indonesia hosted the 7th Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (GPDRR) Forum. The theme for the 2022 GPDRR is From Risk to Resilience: Towards Sustainable Development for All in a COVID-19 Transformed World. This forum took place in Bali, Indonesia, on 23-28 May 2022. This is an official UN event that takes place every 2 years. However, due to the pandemic, the event did not take place for 3 years.

Human Initiative and other NGOs also attended the event. Not only GPDRR, Human Initiative also participated in the Indonesian Resilience House which was also part of the implementation of GPDRR.

Human Initiative participated in the Resilience Stage, Talkshow and Exhibition Panel, where Tomy Hendrajati as President of Human Initiative and Andjar Radite as Vice President of Operations became resource persons in Resilience Stage and Talkshow. Meanwhile, in the exhibition panel, Human Initiative had the opportunity to share experiences in disaster response which was also broadcast live on the YouTube channel through the BNPB (National Disaster Management Agency) Youtube channel.

President of Human Initiative, Tomy Hendrajati conveyed the importance of providing assistance to the community to help them grow their self-confidence.

“The challenge in strengthening local leadership is the confidence of the community itself. And assistance to the community is one of the important keys, so that when one day there is a disaster, they as a community already have the initial capabilities needed to respond to disasters,” he said.

Initiator Friends, hopefully the GPDRR forum this year will be a momentum for the growth of preparedness for Indonesia and the world in dealing with various kinds of disasters that are currently and will occur in the future.

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Human Initiative Participates in GPDRR 2022 histed by Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia – For the first time in history, Indonesia hosted the 7th Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (GPDRR) Forum. The theme for the 2022 GPDRR is From Risk to Resilience: Towards Sustainable Development for All in a COVID-19 Transformed World. This forum is an official event of the United Nations which is held every 2 years. However, due to the pandemic, the event is not held for 3 years.

This forum will take place in Bali, Indonesia, on 23-28 May 2022. Previously, Switzerland and Mexico were the hosts for this forum. Mami Mizutori, special representative of the secretary-general for disaster risk reduction (DRR) and head of UNDRR said that Indonesia is a disaster laboratory and has a fairly high commitment to DRR. Therefore, this year, Indonesia is the host for this Forum.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo will be present and open the meeting on May 25, 2022. The largest composition of participants consists of government delegations, non-profit organizations, academics, and other UN agencies. The Director of Human Rights and Humanity of the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Achsanul Habib, said that his party had recorded more than 5,536 applicants from 182 countries. Of this figure, around 4,000 participants will be physically present.
Participation of the Human Initiative in the 2022 GPDRR

As a humanitarian institution that is at the forefront of responding to disaster issues, Human Initiative also attended this Forum. During the event, Human Initiative also had the opportunity to be one of the resource persons in the Indonesian Resilience House (RRI), a forum that is part of the GPDRR. In one of the talk shows, Human initiative will discuss strengthening local actors through PEER (Preparing to excel in Emergency Response).

Initiator Friends, let’s support the success of this year’s GPDRR event. Hopefully the target of this event can be achieved, one of which is to raise public awareness about the need for disaster preparedness.

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Depok – Commemorating the momentum of Eid Al-Fitr this time, Sunday (1/5) Human Initiative organized an online event HI-Talks Special Ramadan: Celebrate Common Concerns in the Momentum of Fitri which is presented to the public as a form of gratitude for the collaboration that has been established during the month of Ramadan 1443 H/2022 M.

During the holy month of Ramadan 2022, Human Initiative runs a program called “Bulan Kita Berbagi (Our Month of Sharing-BUKBER)”. The program includes various donation products, including the following: Gifts, Ifthar and Alms products which are distributed to all Human Initiative beneficiaries.

Andjar Radite, Vice President Operation of Human Initiative said, “On behalf of the Human Initiative, we thank you all so that our collaboration can all run well. Greetings from the beneficiaries to the donors. Sorry for any shortcomings and thank you for all the support.”

70,835 Beneficiaries

Alhamdulillah, during Ramadan 1443 H, thanks to the kindness of the Initiator Friends, Human Initiative has distributed BUKBER packages to 70,835 beneficiaries. The entire package consists of 42,984 Ramadan Gift Packages containing basic necessities. Then 23,240 iftar packages have been distributed. Lastly, the Ramadan alms package has also been distributed to 4,611 Beneficiaries.

Mardi sahendra, Head of the Ramadan Human Initiative Program Squad, expressed his gratitude to those who have contributed to sharing with the Human Initiative this year’s Ramadan.
“Thank you for the contribution and collaboration of the initiators. Of course we hope that we can continue to collaborate on the next Human Initiative goodness programs,” said Mardi.

This event was also attended by Zee Zee Shahab as Brand Ambassador of Ramadan Human Initiative. Zee Zee is also a volunteer for Human Initiative.
“Thank you Human Initiative, there are things that are difficult to tell when we share directly with the beneficiaries. I am very grateful to be a part of Human Initiative family in this Ramadan,” said Zee Zee.

Initiator Friends, I can’t believe we have arrived at the end of Ramadan this year. May the deeds that we have done in this Ramadan get a reply from Allah Subhanahu Wata’ala. We, at the Human Initiative apologize for the shortcomings. Thank you all for your prayers and support, Regards.

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Tencent Games Collaboration Helps HOME Children Center

Jakarta – In Ramadan, Tencent Games through one of its video game productions, League of Legend: Wild Rift, held a Charity Fun Match with Human Initiative. This friendly competition themed “WR Days of Victory” #KemenangandalamMemberi. This activity took place on April 23, 2022 at 13.00 WIB and was broadcast live on the YouTube platform League of Legend: Wild Rift Indonesia. Through the charity Fun match, Tencent Games donated USD 7000 or around 100 million Rupiah. The donation is for the Home Children Center, a Human Initiative Program that focuses on child protection.

Aswin Atonie, Country Manager of Tencent Games Indonesia, symbolically handed over the donation to Human Initiative. The handover also continued with a press conference on Monday (25/4).

“We are delighted to be working with Human Initiative in holding this event. Therefore, in the future, we will continue to hold similar programs to help others.” Said Aswin Atoni.

Donations went to Human Initiative for the HOME Children Center program. This program focuses on assistance for orphans and the needy. Among them are Free Tutoring Assistance, free learning houses, tuition assistance, self-development programs and children’s character, psychosocial and health.

General Manager of Retail and Digital Fundraising Human Initiative, Boy Mareta, said that there were many benefits from holding this Charity Fun Match.

“In addition to being able to help children through donations, such events can also introduce children to E-Sports,” said Boy.
Initiator Friends, the month of Ramadan is a good time to share. Those of you who have watched yesterday’s match have contributed to the smiles of the younger siblings at the HOME Children Center. So, for Initiator Friends who want to donate more, you can donate through, thank you for your good initiative.

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