Children Hid emotions, what are the dangers?

Children Hid emotions, what are the dangers?

2 August 2022

Adolescence is a time when a child begins to grow and develop to be more optimal, both physically and mentally. This affects how teenagers think and behave. However, this rapid growth and development still desperately needs assistance from parents or other adults who have a positive influence on him. especially about emotions, what if children hid emotions?

Initiator Friends, Growth and development affect the emotional development of adolescents. Emotions that humans experience are divided into positive emotions and negative emotions. Positive emotions such as happy, amazed, proud, happy, and others. While negative emotions such as anger, upset, sadness, and others.

Behavior in adolescents is much influenced by their emotions. However, some teenagers or even many teenagers do not yet have the ability to manage their emotions. This is also experienced by children who are being rehabilitated at the Handayani Children’s Center.

Children hid a lot of their negative emotions without being managed and channeled so that these emotions accumulate in their subconscious. Then at a certain moment suddenly “exploded” and without them knowing the emotion took over him. Then come to the surface through actions beyond his control to commit acts that violate the law.

What they experience is that they harbor all their annoyance, anger, sadness, or depression, without understanding that it becomes a ticking time bomb that can “explode” at any time. They don’t understand what things/actions they can do to manage it. Because all they do is hold it in without managing it and channeling emotions properly.

The emotions they harbored arise because some of them received insults and threats from their friends, some were sexually harassed, and so on. They just keep what they are experiencing, without understanding or confusion about what to do. It is also related to the ability to solve problems.

Managing and Channeling Children’s Emotions

Some or maybe many teenagers do not realize that instead of suppressing emotions, it is better to manage and channel them. However, this teenager must get that knowledge and understanding by parents or other adults. Because the ability to manage emotions is not automatically achieved without understanding and practice.

How to manage emotions or can be said as emotional intelligence (Goleman, 1995) has the following characteristics to recognize one’s own emotions, manage emotions, motivate oneself, recognize other people’s emotions, and build relationships.

In everyday life, we know and understand in advance what emotions we are feeling. Then find out the cause/problem of the emotion that arises. After that try to calm down, but if you can’t calm down, you can do many positive activities (such as exercising, doing hobbies, doing social service activities, etc.) it appears. Which finally got it done well. These positive activities can help to channel our emotions so that there are no more pent-up and unresolved emotions.


Fathimatuzzahroh R.G., M.Psi., Psychologist
Associate Psychologist Human Initiative

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