Community Empowerment during PPKM Period by Human Initiative

Community Empowerment during PPKM Period by Human Initiative

15 October 2021

Human Initiative as a humanitarian organization has a quite long work. Established in 1999, Human Initiative has been carrying out its duties for almost 22 years. Several transformations have occurred during this period.

Based on the narrative of Widiyarti Dardjono, the General Manager of Organizational Development of Human Initiative, in his interview with the 2021 Top CSR Awards Judging from Top Business Magazine, Human Initiative has transformed the organization in 2018 into a more agile institution.

The vision of the Human Initiative itself is to become a trusted world humanitarian organization, especially in building self-reliance. To date, there are a total of 13 Human Initiative branches spread throughout Indonesia. The overseas branches are in Australia, South Korea, and London, United Kingdom.


Community Empowerment during PPKM Period by Human Initiative

For almost 22 years working as a world humanitarian organization, the Human Initiative has certainly done a lot of empowerment and has many mentors spread throughout Indonesia.

Especially during this PPKM period, Human Initiative has an initiative to make more contributions to society. Take a look at the Agricultural Field School in Pasanggrahan Village, Subang, West Java. This program is in collaboration with Aqua Home Service (AHS) aiming at educating farmers to switch to the concept of healthy agriculture, without using pesticides.

There is also the Duafa Development and Economic Assistance Program which is a collaboration between Human Initiative and YBM PLN UPT Banda Aceh. This program provides assistance in the form of shopping coupons that can be exchanged for basic food packages. Later, these shopping coupons can be used to shop at warungs or shops in the local village.

Moving abroad, Human Initiative also has a fundraising program in collaboration with Ride for Indonesia in the United Kingdom, England. Later, the collected donations will be given to Indonesian people affected by Covid-19.

Initiator Friends can also contribute with the Human Initiative to help others during this PPKM period. Just visit and select the program that interests you the most. We are waiting for your best donation.

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