Consuming Animal Protein Becomes the Agenda for National Nutrition Day 2023

Consuming Animal Protein Becomes the Agenda for National Nutrition Day 2023

24 January 2023

Jakarta – The complex nutritional problems in Indonesia, have made the Indonesian Ministry of Health themes ‘Animal Protein Prevents Stunting’ as the agenda for National Nutrition Day 2023 on January 25.

It was reported by, Indonesia still has nutritional problems including stunting (short babies), wasting (thin babies), and overweight (obese babies).

The 2021 Indonesian Nutritional Status Study (SSGI) states that the number of stunting is the largest, namely 24.4 percent, followed by wasting of 7.1 percent, and overweight of 3.8 percent. SSGI even noted that one in four Indonesian children suffers from stunting, which is equivalent to around five million Indonesian children.

In other words, the government’s efforts to educate the public in meeting the intake of animal protein such as chicken meat, beef, fish meat, eggs and milk are imperative because these intakes have a major role in reducing the risk of stunting or chronic malnutrition.

What is Stunting?

The World Health Organization or the World Health Organization (WHO) states that stunting is a disorder of child development caused by chronic malnutrition, especially in the first 1000 days of life.

In this case, stunting causes the baby to experience infection or stimulation that is inadequate for its development. This condition can even infect the baby from its birth.
Protein intake in Indonesia is relatively low

The abundant sources of protein in Indonesia have not been able to make Indonesian people meet the adequacy of animal protein every day. Research by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United States said that Indonesia is one of the countries with the lowest consumption of meat and milk in the world.

Animal protein contains lots of amino acids, fatty acids, and certain vitamins and minerals that are difficult to find in other food ingredients. Animal protein is said to be able to form hormones and bones, hard bones (cartilage), because it is rich in collagen from amino acids, fat and energy.

The nutrition contained in animal protein is very important and needed by babies under one year old, and it will be even more optimal if the menu consumed is varied.

What should we do?

The concept initiated by National Nutrition Day prioritizes children and babies, starting from the time of pregnancy. This means not only paying attention to the baby’s nutritional intake from solids, but also the mother’s intake during her pregnancy.

For Pregnant Women, the Indonesian Ministry of Health has a ‘Fill My Plate’ campaign which provides balanced healthy nutrition guidelines. This campaign provides guidelines for eating portions on one plate with a serving of 50 percent fruits and vegetables, then the other 50 percent consists of carbohydrates and protein.

The Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI) has a special record for infant nutritional intake since solids. In the press conference of the Indonesian Ministry of Health on January 20 2023 regarding National Nutrition Day, Dr. Piprim B. Yanuarso as Chair of the Indonesian Pediatricians Association (IDAI) forbids including lots of vegetables in the MPASI menu.

“WHO doesn’t recommend it, it’s a mistake in our society, in fact complementary foods are given lots of vegetables, as a result babies are full and don’t consume enough animal protein,” emphasized Dr. Piprim, quoted from

He added, children aged six months to one year need animal protein which is a child’s growth switch. This can be achieved by high levels of essential amino acids in the child’s body, which are only found in animal protein.

If there is not enough animal protein for children, their growth and development will be disrupted and cause stunting. So it is important for us to fulfill the adequacy of various animal protein in the children’s diet, which is one of the most appropriate steps for prevention of stunting.


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