Covid-19 Mobile Safety Ambulance Service

Covid-19 Mobile Safety Ambulance Service

26 August 2021

Initiator Friends, Human Initiative provides a shuttle service called “Safety Mobile Covid-19” ambulance for patients exposed to COVID-19. This service can be accessed for FREE or at no cost for people who need it. The 24-hour service covers Greater Jakarta area, West Java, East Java, Central Java, & Yogyakarta.

Safety Mobile Covid-19 is one of the initiatives to prevent the spread of the Corona virus. Patients who are indicated positive for the disease will be transferred to the the  facility or referral between hospitals. While those who have recovered are returned to their homes. The ambulances prepared are commercial vehicles and converted into special health service vehicles. This car is equipped with health facilities and medical standards.

The following are the Covid-19 Safety Mobile service standards:

• 24-hour emergency call service

• Serving the Greater Jakarta area

• Patients fill in data at

• The patient provides a soft file for the completeness of the service, such as the results of the PCR test or positive antigen test, ID card and family card

• The service will run after there is certainty about the location of the destination hospital or health service, as evidenced by the coordination of the patient with the hospital or health service.

• As the service is free ad directed for the poor, the patients or families are not allowed to give tips or gifts to the staff.

• Patients or families have the right to provide feedback on the services provided at the service contact number (Emergency call 0822-8800-8181)

Mobile Safety Hotline Number

1. Jabodetabek : 082288008181

2. West Java : 082299590015

3. Yogyakarta : 08112646123

4. East Java : 081335043332

5. Central Java : 085729425758

Let’s just hope the pandemic will pass quickly, Initiator Friends, and this Safety Mobile is one of the efforts to help brothers and sisters in need during the pandemic. Even with a very limited fleet, In sha Allah, we are ready to serve the community. Our prayer goes to the workers and volunteers who are fighting on the front lines of this pandemic handling. May Allah gives them health and safety. Amen.

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