Delivering the Trust, Human Initiative Launches 2024 Qurban Distribution Simultaneously Across Indonesia and Africa

18 June 2024
Delivering the Trust, Human Initiative Launches 2024 Qurban Distribution Simultaneously Across Indonesia and Africa

Depok, West Java – Human Initiative, as a globally reaching humanitarian organization, optimized the first day of Eid al-Adha 1445 H by launching the ‘2024 Qurban Distribution Kickoff’ simultaneously across Indonesia and Africa (June 17). This event marks the beginning of the slaughtering and distribution of qurban to responsibly and accountably implement the trust of the qurban donors.

The official launch ceremony was opened by Romi Ardiansyah, Vice President of Operations at Human Initiative, at a qurban livestock pen in Bekasi, West Java (June 17). Romi stated that this year, the Human Initiative’s Qurban Distribution program has three main missions for the qurban donors, local livestock partners, and the beneficiaries of the 2024 Qurban Distribution program.

“First, Qurban Distribution facilitates the community in performing the qurban ritual. Second, it stimulates the economy, including boosting the local farmers’ economy, to provide better benefits. Third, it ensures that the Qurban Distribution program is an opportunity to bring joy to people who may have limited access to qurban meat,” said Romi.

Due to these three missions, the Human Initiative’s 2024 Qurban Distribution program adopts the theme ‘Your Qurban Brings Joy to Them’. In its commitment, Human Initiative aims to distribute the benefits of qurban to 122 cities/regencies in 28 provinces of Indonesia, including seven countries in Africa, Myanmar, and Palestine.

“We hope that with the 2024 Qurban Distribution program, the concept of qurban not only fulfills the religious duty but also brings happiness to others,” he added.

The ‘2024 Qurban Distribution Kickoff’ was conducted in a hybrid format at livestock pens and qurban slaughtering locations across the country and the African continent. During the broadcast, Yenni Kartika Dewi, a Human Initiative Humanitarian Activist in East Kalimantan, shared the joyous news that a qurban cow had been slaughtered in a remote area of Kalimantan after a long wait by the community.

“Alhamdulillah, we have slaughtered the first cow in this area of East Kalimantan, after 10 years of not receiving any qurban animals. Currently, the community is processing the qurban meat,” Yeni said in her brief report.

This activity was carried out in a hybrid format to ensure participation from all parts of Human Initiative in Indonesia and Africa. Human Initiative Humanitarian Activists from various regions, including preacher Ustaz Handy Bonny in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) and influencer Salsabila Kholiq in Aceh, also participated in this event.

Ceremonially, Romi Ardiansyah handed over a basket of qurban meat to Human Initiative Humanitarian Activists, symbolizing the readiness to implement the 2024 Human Initiative Qurban Distribution program from today. Recipients included volunteers wearing Human Initiative vests and others donning aprons emblazoned with the Human Initiative and Qurban Distribution logos.

“Insyaa Allah, from today, the distribution is ready, and we hope to benefit 451,645 people across Indonesia and seven other countries this year,” said Romi.

On this occasion, Romi Ardiansyah, on behalf of the Human Initiative family, expressed gratitude for all the support from the qurban donors. To strengthen the trust, Human Initiative has even conducted Quality Control activities by sending 11 Human Initiative Humanitarian Activists to several distribution points. This step aims to ensure the qurban process runs smoothly and effectively, addressing the needs of the program beneficiaries more broadly. Furthermore, Human Initiative will continue to serve the community for qurban donations until the third day of Tasyrik, precisely on Thursday, June 20, 2024, at 12:00 PM WIB.


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