2 May 2022

Depok – Commemorating the momentum of Eid Al-Fitr this time, Sunday (1/5) Human Initiative organized an online event HI-Talks Special Ramadan: Celebrate Common Concerns in the Momentum of Fitri which is presented to the public as a form of gratitude for the collaboration that has been established during the month of Ramadan 1443 H/2022 M.

During the holy month of Ramadan 2022, Human Initiative runs a program called “Bulan Kita Berbagi (Our Month of Sharing-BUKBER)”. The program includes various donation products, including the following: Gifts, Ifthar and Alms products which are distributed to all Human Initiative beneficiaries.

Andjar Radite, Vice President Operation of Human Initiative said, “On behalf of the Human Initiative, we thank you all so that our collaboration can all run well. Greetings from the beneficiaries to the donors. Sorry for any shortcomings and thank you for all the support.”

70,835 Beneficiaries

Alhamdulillah, during Ramadan 1443 H, thanks to the kindness of the Initiator Friends, Human Initiative has distributed BUKBER packages to 70,835 beneficiaries. The entire package consists of 42,984 Ramadan Gift Packages containing basic necessities. Then 23,240 iftar packages have been distributed. Lastly, the Ramadan alms package has also been distributed to 4,611 Beneficiaries.

Mardi sahendra, Head of the Ramadan Human Initiative Program Squad, expressed his gratitude to those who have contributed to sharing with the Human Initiative this year’s Ramadan.
“Thank you for the contribution and collaboration of the initiators. Of course we hope that we can continue to collaborate on the next Human Initiative goodness programs,” said Mardi.

This event was also attended by Zee Zee Shahab as Brand Ambassador of Ramadan Human Initiative. Zee Zee is also a volunteer for Human Initiative.
“Thank you Human Initiative, there are things that are difficult to tell when we share directly with the beneficiaries. I am very grateful to be a part of Human Initiative family in this Ramadan,” said Zee Zee.

Initiator Friends, I can’t believe we have arrived at the end of Ramadan this year. May the deeds that we have done in this Ramadan get a reply from Allah Subhanahu Wata’ala. We, at the Human Initiative apologize for the shortcomings. Thank you all for your prayers and support, Regards.

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