Human Initiative Returns to Spread Benefits of Qurban in Tanzania

Human Initiative Returns to Spread Benefits of Qurban in Tanzania

7 July 2023

Tanzania – Human Initiative has once again delivered the benefits of qurban by distributing 50 cows and 50 goats to beneficiaries in Tanzania on June 30th. This distribution marks the organization’s return to Tanzania, as it had previously conducted qurban distributions in the country in 2020. Alhamdulillah, this year, the community in Tanzania can experience the benefits of qurban once again.

The process of slaughtering the qurban animals, as mandated by donors of Human Initiative, went smoothly in Tanzania. Volunteers from Human Initiative facilitated the distribution of qurban benefits to registered beneficiaries in the country.

Providing an overview of conditions in Africa, Royaldo Gia Pratama, the Program Manager for Disaster Risk Management at Human Initiative, highlighted the ongoing challenges faced by the region. He emphasized that educational resources in Africa are still limited, resulting in many people only completing elementary school, dropping out, or not attending school at all.

“This situation also significantly affects people’s income, which remains very low. Even when converted to Indonesian Rupiah, it amounts to only one million rupiah per month. Residents living in evacuation areas face even greater hardships due to these circumstances,” Aldo explained.


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