Human Initiative and Pertamina Launch Posyandu CSR Program

Human Initiative and Pertamina Launch Posyandu CSR Program

2 November 2021

Located at the Teluk Kabung Tengah village head office, on Tuesday, 19 October 2021, PT. Pertamina Integrated Terminal Teluk Kabung launched a CSR program for the community around the company. In collaboration with Human Initiative as the program implementer, PT. Pertamina inaugurated two programs, namely the Pertamina Sehati Upskills Posyandu program Phase II as a community empowerment program and the Disaster Resilient Village program as a disaster response program.


Launching Posyandu CSR Program

The launching began with a presentation from the Head of West Sumatra Human Initiative Branch, Hendra Nafsianto, on the preparation and scope of the program. This year, 10 posyandu were intervened, 6 of which are located at Teluk Kabung Tengah sub-district. The intervention is in the form of revitalizing facilities and improving the skills of Posyandu cadres. In Disaster Response issue, a Disaster Resilient Village program has been prepared which will later intensely involve the already formed Disaster Preparedness Group.

Manager of Pertamina Integrated Terminal Teluk Kabung, Andi Ramadhan said that the community empowerment program launched by Pertamina was based on community needs. “Pertamina has previously conducted social mapping related to what is needed by the community, so that the empowerment program implemented is more targeted and has an impact on the community. And we hope that the empowerment program that has been and will be running in Bungus Teluk Kabung can be a pilot that can be implemented in other areas.”

Meanwhile, the Head of Teluk Kabung Tengah Village, Nasril Doni, was very pleased with the commitment of PT. Pertamina which every year continues to implement CSR funds. “Pertamina helps us in empowering the community and in development efforts that the government cannot do alone. In addition to the empowerment program, this disaster response program is very beneficial for our residents, where the Teluk Kabung Tengah area is included in one of the areas that are vulnerable to natural disasters.”

After the speech, head of Teluk Kabung village officially launched the Posyandu Pertamina Sehati Upskills Phase II program and the Disaster Resilient Village program which was attended by representatives of beneficiaries from several posyandu and representatives of the Teluk Kabung Tengah Disaster Preparedness Group. At the end of the activity, all invitees were invited to the beach, where Posyandu Yakin 3 is located. Since this morning, the Posyandu has been carrying out routine activities such as checking for pregnant women, infants and toddlers. Mr. Andi Ramadhan as the manager of PT. Pertamina Integrated Terminal Teluk Kabung accompanied by the head of Lurah of Teluk Kabung Tengah participated in distributing Supplementary Feeding (PMT) to toddlers and finally handed over a unit of digital scales to posyandu cadres.

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