Human Initiative Distributes Food Packages for Affected of Semeru Eruption

Human Initiative Distributes Food Packages for Affected of Semeru Eruption

5 January 2022

Indonesia is in mourning, because Semeru, a volcano located in East Java, erupted last Saturday, December 4, 2021. Professor of the Geological Engineering Faculty of Padjadjaran University, Prof. Nana Sulaksana, said that the eruption on Saturday afternoon last week did not occur suddenly.

“So yesterday’s eruption was not sudden, but there had been an eruption of magmatism long before. Only yesterday during a big eruption, coincidentally with high rainfall,” said Nana, Monday (6/12/2021).

“If there is no rain, then all the material that comes out has not immediately turned into lava. This is because of the rainy season, it happened to be a heavy rain, the material piled up above was exposed to water and drifted into the river,” said Nana.

As a result of this eruption, as of Wednesday (12/15/2021), 10,158 people have been displaced and are still being updated every day, with affected residents spread over 151 evacuation points.

Humanitarian volunteers from all over the archipelago immediately gathered at the location shortly after the eruption. The Human Initiative responded to this phenomenon by sending 15 additional personnel. Coordinate with BPBD Kab. Lumajang and local volunteers distributed 100 boxes of mineral water and 2,172 ready-to-eat food packages, carried out search for victims and evacuations, cleared roads to facilitate evacuation in the Bondeli and Kajang areas, established water kitchens in Sumberwuluh Village, Lumajang, distributed masks, distributed 210 pieces mattresses and blankets, distribution of hygiene kits, distribution of food logistics, and SAR evacuation in Renteng Village.

Currently, there are several needs that are still considered urgent, including food packages for the survivors. Human Initiative wants to distribute basic food packages consisting of 1 package containing 5 kg of rice, 1 Liter of cooking oil, 1 kg of sugar, 800 ml of soy sauce, noodles, sardines, and canned milk.

Initiator Friends can help distribute food packages to our relatives who are affected by this phenomenon by donating through the Solusi Peduli website.

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