Human Initiative Participated in the the 2023 Disaster Alertness Day (HKB) Event

18 May 2023
Human Initiative Participated in the the 2023 Disaster Alertness Day (HKB) Event

On Tuesday (16/5), the humanitarian organization Human Initiative took part in the highlight of the 2023 Disaster Alertness Day, which was held at the Karang Binangun District Office Hall in Lamongan. The HKB peak event was held simultaneously in 7 districts: Sragen, Ngawi, Bojonegoro, Gresik, Tuban, and the peak in Lamongan. The theme raised in HKB 2023 is increasing village resilience in reducing disaster risk.

“Through Disaster Alertness Day 2023, let’s unite and strengthen our efforts in building sustainable communities that are disaster-resistant and able to recover quickly after being affected by disasters,” said Subur Rojinawi, a Human Initiative Volunteer who was directly present at today’s event.

The event, organized by the National Disaster Management Agency, is an annual agenda. HKB is held as a form of education to the public about the importance of knowledge about disaster mitigation.

The agenda held in Lamongan today is an educational agenda with the theme Resilience of Watershed Communities (DAS). On this occasion, various speakers from various expertise educated the importance of educating the community around the river basin. As many as 7 Human Initiative volunteers also attended this event.

“Today we established a Water Kitchen to support activities. It is hoped that the presence of the Water Kitchen can support the participants who have many activities today, such as planting trees and other field visits,” continued Subur.

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