Human Initiative Presents Report on Humanitarian Actions for Cianjur Earthquake to Local Government

13 April 2023
Human Initiative Presents Report on Humanitarian Actions for Cianjur Earthquake to Local Government

The Human Initiative, which has been actively responding to the Cianjur Earthquake, recently submitted a report on their humanitarian actions to the Regional Government of Cianjur Regency, West Java on 6th April. This report encompasses the entirety of Human Initiative’s efforts, from the initial response to the disaster to the early recovery phase.

Dr. Budhi Rahayu Thoyib, Regional Assistant 2 of Cianjur Regency, expressed appreciation for the report and highlighted the importance of such documentation for the planning of the post-disaster recovery period. He also acknowledged that the recovery process after the November 21, 2022, earthquake in Cianjur has been slow, and continuous humanitarian efforts, such as those carried out by Human Initiative, can provide support to the Local Government, and expedite the recovery process.

In addition to submitting the report, Human Initiative also took the opportunity to introduce itself as a humanitarian organization to all levels of the Cianjur District Government. They invited them to attend the ‘Cianjur Humanitarian Response Learning Workshop’ on Wednesday, April 12, 2023, to further exchange knowledge and expertise in responding to humanitarian crises.


A Learning Workshop on Cianjur Humanitarian Response

The workshop activities, which are held in Jakarta, are a result of the Human Initiative’s response to the Cianjur earthquake in West Java on November 21, 2022. The Human Initiative has drawn lessons from various responses that have been undertaken and have developed a strategy to strengthen rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts for future humanitarian responses.

Furthermore, the Human Initiative believes that a community-centered approach is crucial in humanitarian response. This involves engaging the community in the emergency response and recovery phases, utilizing their existing resources to protect their livelihoods. Involving the community empowers them, promotes faster recovery, and preserves their dignity.


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