Human Initiative Provides Free Psychological Consultation Services

Human Initiative Provides Free Psychological Consultation Services

13 September 2021

Psychological Consultation is First Aid in the Midst of a Pandemic

Depok – The Covid-19 pandemic that has hit the world and Indonesia has made all parties, both the general public and health workers, experience a lot of pressure. The number of people exposed to Covid-19 is increasing day by day.

Not to mention the government has implemented Emergency PPKM policy. The policy also contributed to pressure on the community because their economy was disrupted. Based on this, the Human Initiative facilitated free psychological consultation services to people who were under stress due to exposure to these conditions. This service has been running since July 14, 2021.

Layanan Konsultasi Psikologi

GM Human Initiative Institute, Maya Sita said, the consultation service is provided for the general public throughout Indonesia who have problems, or difficulties during the pandemic, mainly on the psychological side.

“The main goal is to support the creation of mental health conditions for the community,” said Maya, Friday, September 03 2021.

Maya said that the community is in need of psychological encouragement in dealing with current conditions. This is evident from the high enthusiasm of the people who access these services.

“So there are our clients, they are housewives, fathers of workers, health workers and the community who are also fighting against the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Maya.

On average, according to Maya, people who access these services are because they are Covid-19 survivors or are in an environment with Covid-19 sufferers.

“They are psychologically affected, for example, pressured by their environment. There are also volunteers who are traumatized by seeing so many victims die, until the Covid-19 survivors feel uncomfortable,” said Maya.

Maya said this psychological consultation service was provided as a form of first aid or first aid in an accident or disaster.

“Because in the midst of Covid-19, we are currently providing online services through zoom, whatsapp chat, call or video call,” added Maya.

“To be able to access our services, you can directly check our website or you can contact our hotline at HELPCARE HUMAN INITIATIVE,” said Maya.

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