Humanity Awards 2021 by Human Initiative

Humanity Awards 2021 by Human Initiative

18 December 2021

Indonesian people who live with high and increasing disaster risk have to deal with the impact of a heavy, widespread, and prolonged pandemic while the prospects for recovery will also be challenging and time-consuming. In 2020, apart from the Covid-19 Pandemic, in the exposure of the UN-OCHA-Global Humanitarian Report Overview 2020, globally there have been at least 389 disaster events causing 15,080 fatalities, affecting at least 98.4 million people. , with a total loss of $171.3 billion.

However, the pandemic also provides opportunities for civil society and humanitarian organizations in Indonesia on how to play a bigger and more tangible role in filling gaps and complementing government responses. Many humanitarian organizations and networks are growing and becoming stronger, and more and more innovative. Organizations like Human Initiative, for example, have even penetrated regional and global levels. This exciting movement needs a vehicle and discourse to be able to continue to survive and continue to grow even in the recovery phase and the new normal later.


Humanity Awards 2021 by Human Initiative

As a form of appreciation to the initiators of the humanitarian movement, in the Humanity Congress, the Human Initiative also gave appreciation to humanitarian activists with the title Humanity Awards 2021 which which took place on Wednesday, December 15, 2021 at the Java Ballroom, Hotel Millennium Sirih Jakarta. The year’s Humanity Awards are offerings from Human Initiative to humanitarian activists who for the past year had been selflessly doing real work and following a long journey for the sake of caring for others.

This activity has the opportunity to become a forum for aspirations and inspiration and to facilitate synergies between various parties. The hope is that we can discuss flashbacks on the journey of the humanitarian movement throughout 2021. The forum also invited representatives from Ministries, Government Institutions, Humanitarian Institutions, Philanthropic Institutions, UN Representatives, Donors, International Organizations, Media, Academics, as well as representatives from the Business Sector.

The election of these humanitarian figures is a form of appreciation for the dedication to real humanitarian work. Personification of the spirit of humanity, and an example for the humanitarian community in Indonesia in the future.

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