Initiative for Children

Initiative for Children

Initiative for Children is a collection of various programs that focus on improving the knowledge and skills of orphans or needy children. These programs include educational scholarship programs, provision of school supplies, religious equipment, psychological support, and various training programs that support them to be able to live independently.

“Every child has the same opportunity to reach their dreams and work according to their creativity. The orphans and needy children are no exception. ”

Home: Hug, Oppurtunity, Mentality, and Education

is a program that focuses on training, character development, and non-formal education with the concept of a halfway house for orphans and needy/dhuafa children with a HOMEY atmosphere.

The presence of the HOME program is expected to provide an educational and fun playground for Indonesian children. Children are also expected to have more independent problem solving and personal abilities through the regular assistance that we provide.

Based on character education and strengthening positive behavior patterns, HOME comes with great hopes that Indonesian orphans can be ready to work and have high spirits to reach their goals.

Be A Star is an educational scholarship program for Indonesian children who have the potential to develop and work. We provide assistance to children with limitations to develop but have special abilities to be more enthusiastic in achieving their goals.

Accompanied by professional trainers in their fields, we strive to be able to develop the psirit of leadership and the ability of our younger brothers and sisters to be able to critically solve problems.

This is a program that aims to prepare for the next golden generation of Indonesia.

Based on character education and critical thinking patterns, we hope this program can make the Indonesian children to be more optimistic and confident that each of us has the same opportunity to achieve our goals.

This is an educational scholarship program for orphans and dhuafa hafidz (memorizers of the Koran). We support the children of Indonesia who are active to memorize the Koran to be able to continue to develop themselves in the fields according to their desires and dreams. Not just focusing on educational assistance. This program also prepares our younger brothers and sister to be able to have a better person by forming various activities to improve personal abilities.

In addition to the training on character building for the hafidz program, it also helped build the spirit and ability of our younger brothers and sisters in entrepreneurship. Various entrepreneurial trainings are conducted to support the improvement of entrepreneurship skills to the beneficiaries of this program.


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