Initiative for Children

Initiative for Children

Initiative for Children is a collection of various programs focused on enhancing the knowledge and skills of orphaned and disadvantaged children. These programs include educational scholarship programs, provision of school supplies, religious equipment, psychological support, as well as various training initiatives that empower them to lead independent lives.

Dear Initiators, Children are the future. Healthy, strong, and character-driven children are the foundation of a great nation. All of this can be realized by ensuring children’s rights during their growth. Let’s Watch the Following Video.




Like Family at Home, HOME Aims for Every Child to Reach Their Full Potential

HOME Children Learning Center is a place for every child, especially orphans, children from less privileged families, and neglected children, to receive support in fulfilling their rights and protection. Just like home, HOME aims for every child to reach their full potential through learning, playing, creativity, and consultation spaces. Resilient future adults need support from kind-hearted individuals during their childhood.



Next, we have the School Without Violence program, which is a preventive initiative aimed at eliminating opportunities for violence, exploitation, mistreatment, and neglect in schools by implementing a child safeguarding policy. Through this program, educational institutions are educated, trained, and guided in the development and implementation of child safeguarding policies.


HOME Children Learning Center Program is Present in 13 Provinces in Indonesia and has positively impacted over 1000 children.

This program includes the Human Initiative School, Orphanage for Orphaned and Underprivileged Children, and Education for Survivor Children.


  • The Human Initiative School is a program aimed at building schools for children affected by disasters to enable them to access formal education.


  • The Orphanage for Orphaned and Underprivileged Children is a program focused on constructing boarding facilities for orphaned children affected by disasters, who are committed to memorizing the Quran and studying religious knowledge.


  • Education for Survivor Children is a program that provides educational support to survivors from various countries residing in Indonesia. Educational support includes advocating for access to formal education and offering non-formal education in cultural studies, English language, computer skills, and life skills for refugee children.

The fulfillment of children’s basic needs includes the Foster Parents Program (Indonesian: OTA).


The Foster Parents Program itself is a social care initiative aimed at ensuring the continuity of education for orphaned children and underprivileged students through a caregiving approach. The Foster Parents Program takes the form of scholarships and the imparting of character education and values to the beneficiaries.




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