Initiative For Disaster

Initiative For Disaster

The Initiative for Disaster is a collection of various programs aimed at reducing the impact of disasters, through empowering the potential and capacity of the community to recognize potential disasters, and making preparations to face disasters. In addition to preventive measures, the preparation of the team that will be deployed in the event of a disaster also concerns the various disaster programs.

This program aims to reduce the threat of disaster and reduce the adverse effects of a disaster threat by educating a person or a community. Various activities are carried out in the process of carrying out this program, including the creation of Tangguh Village, Safe Schools, Disaster Education Media, Preparedness Training, Volunteer Classes, and the provision of Disaster Prepared Bags.

This is a form of preparation for the provision of emergency response teams. A series of activities carried out immediately at the time of the disaster to address the adverse effects caused, including activities to rescue and evacuate victims, property, fulfillment of basic needs, protection, refugee management, rescue, and restoration of infrastructure and facilities.

There are various activities to prepare this team, including the formation of Rescue (Fire Disaster Handling, Flooding, Earthquake, Landslides, Tornado, Tsunami, etc.), procurement of wash activities (Water Sharing, Portable Latrines, Hygine Kits), making shelters ( Comfortable porch, smile house, shelter kit), distribution of food items (water kitchen, distribution of staples, distribution of ready meals), distribution of nonfood items (family kits, school kits, cooking sets, a million masks, and preparation of a health team (Emergency Medical) , Psychosocial Handling).

A process passed to meet the basic needs after a disaster, both natural disasters and social disasters will be carried out by the disaster recovery team. There are various activities carried out by the recovery team, including the Construction and Operation of Schools, Construction of Orphans, Residential Development, Construction of Wells, Mobile Clinic and Medical Operations, Livelihood (Sources of Revenue), and conducting Food Security.


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