Realizing a Caring Spirit in the Middle of a Pandemic

Realizing a Caring Spirit in the Middle of a Pandemic

24 June 2020

Realizing a Caring Spirit in the Middle of a Pandemic, Human Initiative Launches Qurbani Program

Depok: Eid al-Adha celebrations every year always bring the spirit to reach piety and make others happy. Even though Indonesia is still suffering from the Corona Virus outbreak.

Through qurban worship, Eid al Adha is a moment for Muslims to get closer to Allah SWT. At the same time attaching friendship to fellow countrymen and even across countries.

This year, the Human Initiative again invites the people of Indonesia and the world to share the benefits of qurban with those in need. The spirit of spreading qurban this year is packaged in the same theme as the previous year, namely ‘InsyaAllah Qurban’.

This theme is expected to strengthen and confirm the good intentions of the Indonesian people to be able to distribute their qurban. Even though the Covid-19 pandemic is not over yet.

“The Human Initiative is trying to adapt the implementation of the Qurban program during a pandemic. For people who still want to share through qurban, it will be facilitated at an affordable price and ease of transactions through various channels including digital. Meanwhile, in terms of safety and health, qurban implementation will apply health protocols both when cutting and distributing qurban meat. And beneficiaries of qurban daqing will prioritize areas affected by the disaster, especially those affected by Covid-19, “said Tomy Hendrajati as President of Human Initiative.

On the same occasion, the head of the Human Initiative Qurban committee, Azi Abdul Aziz, said that the target of qurban this year is 24,149. As expected, it is expected to target as many as 289,788 beneficiaries in 34 provinces and 7 countries, namely Somalia, Kenya, Uganda, Cameroon, Myanmar, Syria and Palestine.

“We will do our best to achieve these targets for people in need,” said Azi.

To make it easier for the public to perform their qurban worship, the Human Initiative has also prepared various transaction channels that can be reached by the public. People can also experience the convenience of qurban transactions through digital means by visiting the qurban donation website: Detailed information about the Insha Allah Qurban program can also be obtained by contacting the call center 021-87780015.

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