Staying Powerful Despite Facing the Corona Pandemic

Staying Powerful Despite Facing the Corona Pandemic

29 July 2020

Yogyakarta – Facing this coronavirus pandemic, the women of KWT member Amanda Wirokerten have not decreased their enthusiasm. They remain productive and empowered.

Some of the efforts they are currently doing are utilizing the land for planting various types of vegetables. In addition, they also keep catfish in a pond made of tarpaulin.

Through the Covid-19 Food Sovereignty program from Human Initiative, the area of ​​land belonging to one of the members of KWT Amanda, which was originally empty land, has now turned into a green house or often known as a greenhouse.

For KWT member Amanda Wirokerten, planting with a hydroponic system in a green house is a new experience. So far, they practice planting only with soil and polybags.

The assistance from Human Initiative in the form of catfish seeds, catfish feed, green houses, hydroponic installations, training packages and planting this hydroponic method is expected to increase food availability for all members of KWT Amanda and residents of the Kepuh Wetan hamlet, Wirokerten.

“With the assistance of this program, members of KWT Amanda are very happy to get knowledge about hydroponics and hope that in the future KWT Amanda will be more useful for all members and the people of Kepuh Wetan hamlet,” said Mrs. Tri Sejati Setiarini, a member of KWT Amanda who also doubles as Chairman of the PKK Kepuh Wetan hamlet, Wirokerten. (Trismi / Facilitator)

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