Strengthen Your Willingness to Do Qurban: the Qurban Flash Sale Appears during the Payday

Strengthen Your Willingness to Do Qurban: the Qurban Flash Sale Appears during the Payday

25 May 2023

Depok, West Java – In 2023, Human Initiative, a global humanitarian organization, is once again spreading the goodness of Qurban with the theme “Qurban Full of Benefits.” To further encourage participation, the organization is leveraging the payday momentum by introducing the Qurban Flash Sale.

Miftahul Surur, Leader of Human Initiative Qurban Squad, shared that the Qurban Flash Sale, taking place from May 25 to June 3, 2023, presents excellent opportunities. By offering more affordable prices for 1/7 Cow Qurban during the Flash Sale, it is hoped that more individuals will find it easier to participate in Qurban this year.

“During the Flash Sale from May 25 to June 3, 2023, Human Initiative will provide a more affordable price for 1/7 Cow Qurban. Coinciding with the average salary receipt date, we aim to strengthen determination and facilitate everyone’s ability to make sacrifices this year,” said Surur.

Human Initiative has created multiple opportunities for individuals to participate in Qurban by organizing Flash Sales three times a day. These time slots are in the afternoon, evening, and night, allowing prospective participants to choose according to their availability. Additionally, individuals can carry out the Qurban Flash Sale transactions with Human Initiative via bank transfer or through the page.

The theme of “Beneficial Qurban” reflects the multiple advantages of participating in Qurban through Human Initiative. Firstly, participants can experience the convenience of a trustworthy and sharia-compliant Qurban transaction. Secondly, beneficiaries across various locations in Indonesia, as well as abroad and remote areas, will benefit from these sacrifices. Lastly, local breeders will benefit from selling their sacrificial animals, further supporting the goodness of Qurban through the Human Initiative.


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