Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions in this page bind the Visitor and the User of human-initiative.org site to comply with what has been set by the site administrator. By visiting and/or using the site of human-initiative.org, visitors and users are stated to have understood and agreed on the terms and conditions below.


Human-initiative.org is a site which is managed by Human Initiative management that provides information and facility of online donation for various programs of the institutions. Further explanation about Human Initiative can be seen on FAQ.

The obligation of the Site Visitor and User is giving correct data and information and not committing fraud.

Human Initiative guarantees that it does not and will not support or assist in the form of funding and materials to individuals or organizations known to encourage, support, or engage in unlawful, violence, money laundering and terrorism activities.

For Donors

Site User who support programs in the form of donation, information dissemination and many other supports are required to do the following things:

  1. Pay attention to any information on the programs as written on the website before giving support.
  2. Donor candidates can use contact on the website to find out the details of programs both in the fund raising and program implementation.
  3. Write the real name & active email when giving donation to ease the Site User to get report of program implementation from the institution.
  4. Use money from legal source for donation to support programs as written on the website.