To make the Children to be successful, let’s understand these 3 basic needs!

To make the Children to be successful, let’s understand these 3 basic needs!

26 July 2022

Initiator Friends, as parents, we certainly want to give the best for our children. We want to make them happy and become successful individuals. What do children need to achieve this? There are 3 basic needs of children that are important for us to understand, namely love, attention and appreciation.

Love From Parents

Love is unconditional affection. it must be felt to the heart of the child. There are parents who love their children but the child does not feel that love. Love needs to be expressed so that children feel that they are loved. Love needs to be spoken and shown in interactions with children. Children need to be caressed, hugged, embraced, kissed, hugged, carried and most importantly, accepted their existence with gratitude. Genuine love is accepting children as they are, with all the advantages and disadvantages they have. Love makes children comfortable being with their parents. He can be himself and doesn’t have to pretend. A situation that will make him happy, in sha Allah.

In addition to expressing love as parents, we also need to introduce children to God’s love. Making children feel like servants whom Allah loves is very good for their mental health process until they become adults. Children will always feel someone loves him even though we are no longer with him.
Enough Attention

The second basic need is attention. Children need to feel the attention of their parents. Parents should know what is happening to their children, meet their needs and teach them what they need to know in the process of growth and development. Providing healthy food that children like, arranging rest periods according to children’s needs, accompanying them while playing, entertaining them when they are sad, reassuring when they arre afraid, happy when children are successful are some examples of forms of parental attention that children need to feel. Neglect of children’s needs both physically and psychologically shows a lack of parental attention and can affect children’s mental health.

Award For Confidence

The third basic need is respect. In some cases, we often ignore this need. Children are often considered as “little children” so that their opinions and wishes are not respected. This habit can reduce a child’s self-confidence. Therefore, from an early age, parents need to practice showing appreciation so that children feel they are valued. A simple example is giving the child the opportunity to talk, giving the opportunity to choose and respecting the choice and asking for the child’s input in a problem. For example, we can ask the Eldest, “It’s your sister’s birthday tomorrow, what kind of gift should we give?” Then try as much as possible to realize the ideas that the child conveys. Discuss possible obstacles and invite the Eldest to find a solution. Make him feel like he’s given good advice. Thus, God willing, we have encouraged him to develop into a creative and confident person. Hopefully we can meet these three basic needs of children.

Dian L Izwar
Associate Psychologist Human Initiative
Clinical Psychologist & Parenting Education Activist manager

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