Various Opportunities Emerging When We Are Healthy

Various Opportunities Emerging When We Are Healthy

13 February 2022

Health is a treasure for souls in pain. We who feel the pleasure of health should be very grateful because health is a crown on the heads of healthy people, which can only be seen by people who are sick. Activities in a healthy body condition can produce more optimal results.

Initiator friends, here are some opportunities that you can achieve in a healthy body condition.

1. Opportunity to have Quality Time with Family and Loved Ones

Surely the Initiator Friends are familiar with the term ‘the most valuable treasure is family’. This is true. Because having a family and loved ones is a gift that is priceless. Therefore, spending a lot of time and enjoying various new experiences with them certainly feels very pleasant.


2. Opportunity to Realize Dreams

Initiator Friend, what is your biggest dream? What is something that excites you the most? To make your dreams come true, putting in time, effort, and funds is not enough. You also need a healthy body to work optimally.

Dreams are the fuel to keep you growing in life. Achieving dreams is also not an easy job. So, it is important to immediately start living your dream by taking care of your health from now on.


3. Opportunity to Share and Inspire Others

Being an inspiration and sharing with others is a positive thing. In fact, it is not impossible that you can carve a smile on those in need and inspire them without knowing it.

Initiator friends, you can also join Human Initiative to realize these opportunities. If you have a passion in volunteering, you can visit HIVE and register according to the role you want. But don’t forget we’re together #SehatDulu ya 😊

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