Volunteers of Human Initiative Descend the Cliff to Deliver Groceries in Ambon

11 April 2023
Volunteers of Human Initiative Descend the Cliff to Deliver Groceries in Ambon

Ambon, Maluku – The Human Initiative distributed 10 basic food packages through the kindness of Sharing Gift in Batu Merah and Tanah Rata Villages, Ambon City, Maluku Province (15/3). These two areas with poor conditions are located under a cliff and can only be reached by volunteers on foot.

Maluku Human Initiative volunteer, Sitti Halijah Tubaka, said that the village is actually not too far away. The estimated journey from the operational office to the location is only 10 minutes, but two-wheeled vehicles owned by volunteers can only go to the outermost part of the village.

“We parked the motorbike in the yard of the resident’s house above. Meanwhile, we have to continue on foot for approximately 10 meters to reach Tanah Rata Village and another 20 meters to reach Batu Merah Village, following a steep downward route,” said Sitti.

Hard-to-reach Locations

In Tanah Rata Village, he continued, there are only eight residents’ houses. These houses are located far below the cliff and are made of reclaimed wood and banners, with very basic conditions.

“Residents have built simple houses on land belonging to other people. The majority of residents work as casual laborers, and some of the children don’t even go to school,” he said.

Furthermore, Batu Merah Village, located in the lowlands and close to a river, often experiences flooding. The village is quite difficult to reach as it is situated on a cliff and requires navigating many steps, often referred to as the Thousand Stairs.

“In Batu Merah Village, during periods of heavy rainfall, houses can be washed away, sometimes resulting in casualties,” said Sitti.

Despite the challenging access to beneficiary locations, the Human Initiative Maluku volunteers are grateful to convey the kindness of our dear Initiators. They witness firsthand the happiness of beneficiaries receiving these gifts during the holy month of Ramadan.

Dear Initiators, your acts of kindness have had a far-reaching impact. Let’s make Ramadan a reality for all with Human Initiative through Solusipeduli.org.


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