Without Koko Clothes and School Supplies, Aji is Still Enthusiastic about Learning

Without Koko Clothes and School Supplies, Aji is Still Enthusiastic about Learning

27 January 2022

Like a child in Bloto Village, one of the Adonara Inland areas in East Flores, when met by Human Initiative volunteer there, Fajri Aji, the son of a brick-making worker, was very enthusiastic about learning religion. Aji’s and his friends’ enthusiasm for learning deserves thumbs up. The reason is that even though they are in a minority area, Aji and his friends never lose their enthusiasm to learn for their family and their dreams.

This high enthusiasm for learning has not yet received the support of adequate learning facilities. Currently, Aji and his friends lack facilities in the form of study equipment, koko clothes and Al-Qur’an.

With all the limitations, even Aji and some of his friends never wear neat clothes when studying. However, they are never shy to come and take lessons as usual.

Slowly, with the support of teachers and the community. Aji, who previously did have neat clothes to study, now he has a koko shirt that he wears every day.

Aji’s spirit never fades, he wants to gain knowledge to enable him to reach his goals. Aji wants to become a soldier, he wants to protect his homeland so that its citizens would be safe. That’s a very noble reason, isn’t it?

Initiator Friends, let’s support Aji and other brothers and sisters in remote areas so as they are able to have a comfortable education. We can donate some of our wealth for their study equipment and koko clothes.

You can channel donations through the Solusi Peduli website. Hopefully, the donations from all of the Initiator Friends can be a boost and motivation for Aji and the other children to keep learning and pursuing their dreams.

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