“Care for Palestine”: Fuji & Fanbase Collaborate with Human Initiative to Channel Humanitarian Support

“Care for Palestine”: Fuji & Fanbase Collaborate with Human Initiative to Channel Humanitarian Support

8 December 2023

On Monday, December 4, Human Initiative once again received support from the Indonesian community for Palestine. This time, influencer Fujiyanti and her fanbase from Indonesia handed over humanitarian support for Palestine through the humanitarian organization Human Initiative, amounting to IDR 388,089,000. The handover took place at Fuji’s residence in the Cilandak area of South Jakarta.

“May this war end quickly, with no more children getting hurt, no more parents losing their family members. May everything soon be peaceful,” expressed Fuji to the Human Initiative team.


Fuji Supports Palestine

The conflict that has been ongoing since October 7, 2023, between Palestine and Israel, continues to leave deep wounds. Various forms of support from the Indonesian community are reaching the survivors in Palestine. Humanitarian collaborations persist to create opportunities for the survivors who are currently caught in the midst of the conflict.

According to data from reliefweb.int (December 3), at least 1.2 million Palestinian survivors are currently in 156 shelters provided by UNRWA. The need for various daily necessities, clean water, and food remains high. Therefore, Human Initiative collaborates with local volunteers, the Indonesian Humanitarian Alliance (IHA), and the government to actively distribute humanitarian support to the survivors.

“Until today, we continue to provide humanitarian responses, including actively distributing ready-to-eat meals, vegetable packages, and clothing for the survivors. The support from the Indonesian community is a positive effort that we are grateful for. Therefore, we thank Fuji and the Fujian fanbase for entrusting their mandate through Human Initiative for Palestine,” explained Boy Mareta, General Manager of Partnerships at Human Initiative.

Dear Initiators, let’s continue to stay updated on the latest responses from Human Initiative through the website human-initiative.org.


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