HI Together with MT XL to Build Bridges and Clean Water Facilities in Remote Areas of Sumatra.

HI Together with MT XL to Build Bridges and Clean Water Facilities in Remote Areas of Sumatra.

15 November 2022

Talang Lubuk – Friday, (9/11) Human Initiative (HI) Together with MT XL held the inauguration of a connecting bridge and ready-to-drink water facility in Talang Lubuk Village, Sumber Marga Telang District, Banyuasin Regency, South Sumatra. The two infrastructures are the result of a collaboration between HI and MT XL with  support from the local government. The inauguration was also attended by the Banyuasin Regent, Sumber Marga Telang Sub-District Head and Talang Lubuk Village Head.




“This is an extraordinary thing to assist the local government in building infrastructure in our beloved Banyuasin district. Therefore, on behalf of the community and the Government of Banyuasin Regency, we would like to thank XL and Human Initiative for building 2 infrastructures, namely bridges and clean water facility,” said Askolani, Regent of Banyuasin.

XL CEO, Dian Siswarini also expressed her gratitude to various parties who supported this development.


“Thank you to the Human Initiative which has helped us to realize the construction of this bridge and infrastructure. Don’t forget the village head who really helped the process from laying the first stone to completion. This development is a collective fund from XL employees collected through MT XL. Hopefully this can be useful for the community,” she said in her speech.



Connecting Bridge and Clean Water Facility

In the process, the Human Initiative involved local partners to survey and prepare for the repair of the bridge and ready-to-drink water facility. The survey results show that the bridge is very feasible to be repaired with a stronger foundation structure and materials. So that its usefulness lasts longer and can be used to transport people’s crops.


As for the and ready-to-drink water facility, the current water source can only provide water for bathing and washing needs. To meet the need for drinking water, the people here usually buy drinking water from the mainland city center of Banyuasin district or Palembang city (capital of South Sumatra Province). This is of course very burdensome for villagers, especially those living in weak economic conditions.




“The hope is that the benefits of this program can always be felt by the beneficiaries and become a blessing for all of us. Hopefully the synergy between the Human Initiative, MT XL, as well as the entire Talang Lubuk community can continue in the future through other good collaboration programs.” Said Tomy Hendrajati as President of Human Initiative.






The following is further documentation of the inauguration of the bridge and ready-to-drink water at Talang Lubuk.r


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