Human Initiative and Salimah Padang Host Parenting Seminar for Single Moms in West Sumatra

Human Initiative and Salimah Padang Host Parenting Seminar for Single Moms in West Sumatra

17 January 2024

On Sunday (24/12), Human Initiative and Salimah Padang organized a parenting seminar for widowed mothers, commonly referred to as single moms. The seminar was attended by 100 single moms from low-income families with school-age children. The theme of the seminar was “Reaching Hope Together with Great Mothers.” Participants received education on maternal mental health and child-rearing practices.

Feli Elysa, a representative from Salimah Padang, urged single moms to draw inspiration from past stories, such as the tales of Siti Hajar and Hannah, the wife of Imran. Both were inspirational figures who successfully raised righteous and morally upright children despite minimal or even without the support of a husband.

“This seminar is Human Initiative’s effort to provide direct education to single moms,” said Defri Hanas, the head of the Human Initiative branch in Sumatra Barat.

In addition, Harneli Bahar, the wife of the Governor of Sumatra Barat, in her address, advised single moms to educate their children based on religious knowledge. She also reminded them not to use harsh words when disciplining their children.

“Single moms are also important to not neglect supervision of their children. Supervision is crucial to ensuring that children grow and develop well,” explained Sufnarrita Yusuf, S.ST, MM (Secretary of the Department of Women Empowerment & Child Protection of Sumatra Barat Province).

Nila Anggreiny, M.Psi, a Psychology lecturer at Andalas University and the manager of My Lovely Child clinic, reinforced today’s agenda by highlighting some key points about parenting for single moms. These include the importance of mothers respecting themselves, recognizing and appreciating the goodness in their children, and avoiding excessive punishment when a child makes a mistake.

As a gesture of collaboration and appreciation for single moms, participants also received household items sponsored by DKU Pegadaian Syariah, Bank Nagari, UAI BPKP Sumatra Barat, and Frida Plastik.

Author: Kurnia Afridilla

Editor: MGP


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