Human Initiative, in Collaboration with IHA, Sends Humanitarian Aid to Gaza to Fulfill Basic Needs of Palestinian Residents

Human Initiative, in Collaboration with IHA, Sends Humanitarian Aid to Gaza to Fulfill Basic Needs of Palestinian Residents

8 December 2023

Human Initiative, in collaboration with humanitarian organizations in Indonesia, has partnered with the Indonesian Humanitarian Alliance (IHA) to deliver humanitarian aid in 11 trucks to Gaza from November 26 to 28, 2023. The 176-ton humanitarian aid officially entered through the Rafah gate.

M. Ali Yusuf, the Chairman of the IHA Committee, expressed that the humanitarian aid, entrusted by the Indonesian community, consists of essential supplies tailored to the needs of survivors in Gaza, Palestine. These include food, clean water, medical supplies, and winter gear.

“As we are aware, the essential needs of the Gaza community, such as food, clean water, clothing, and the needs of women and children, are currently a top priority. We hope that this aid sustains the spirit of the Palestinian survivors in their struggle to secure their right to life,” stated Kholaf, an IHA member overseeing the convoy’s departure in Egypt.

As part of the IHA, Human Initiative has delivered 16 tons of humanitarian aid in a single truck, following the mandate of the Indonesian community. This aid includes basic food items consumed by Palestinians, warm clothing, drinking water, medications, and medical equipment.


Conditions of Survivors in Gaza, Palestine

The situation for survivors in Palestine has become increasingly uncertain since the escalation of the conflict between Palestine and Israel on October 7. Until now, survivors are filling displacement centers beyond their maximum capacity, with limited access to essential needs.

According to an official release from IHA, the Egyptian Red Crescent, a collaborative humanitarian partner of IHA in Egypt, has documented the entry of 1,635 trucks of humanitarian aid into Gaza since October 7. However, this aid is still insufficient to meet the needs of the 1.6 million survivors.

“Their current situation is on the brink of despair. Many are experiencing hunger, a shortage of drinking water, and a lack of access to clean water for sanitation, leading to skin diseases,” stated Kaimuddin, an IHA member and Manager of Humanitarian Diplomacy and Advocacy at Human Initiative.

Through various humanitarian aids entering through the Rafah gate, IHA, as an alliance uniting the goodness of humanitarian organizations in Indonesia, is committed to maintaining the spirit of the residents in Palestine. This humanitarian convoy by IHA is a collaboration of its members, including Human Initiative, Nurul Hayat, Rumah Zakat, Dompet Dhuafa, BMH, Yatim Mandiri, YDSF, LAZISMU, DT Peduli, LMI, and dozens of zakat institutions coordinated by the Forum Zakat.


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