Human Initiative Sends 18,000 Liters of Clean Water to Areas Affected by Semeru Cold Lava

Human Initiative Sends 18,000 Liters of Clean Water to Areas Affected by Semeru Cold Lava

15 July 2023

Lumajang, East Java – The recent cold lava flood resulting from materials washed away from Mount Semeru has disrupted access to clean water for residents in Pronojiwo District, Lumajang, East Java (7/7). In response to the Disaster Risk Management team, Human Initiative delivered 18,000 liters of clean water to over 153 families.

Due to rainfall on the slopes of Mount Semeru, there was a surge in discharge in the Semeru lava river basin (DAS). The cold lava flood carried materials from Mount Semeru, causing damage to access points for clean water in Candipuro District. One of the affected areas is the Karangrejo Hamlet in Jugosari Village.

To address this issue, on July 10, 2023, Human Initiative responded by sending 18,000 liters of clean water. Additionally, three water reservoirs with a capacity of 550 liters each were provided to meet the needs of the residents in Karangrejo Hamlet.

In other locations, Human Initiative also distributed 35 Hygiene Kits packages to two locations in Jarit Village. The first location received 10 packages, which were allocated to survivors at the Apita Nurussalam Islamic Boarding School. The second location received 25 packages, intended for the Independent Wani Gosong Breeder Farmer Community.

Ibnu, the Head of Karangrejo Hamlet, expressed the difficulty in relying on damaged water sources for recovery. The best solution is to find a new water source by constructing a drilled well with a depth ranging from 20 to 30 meters.

“If there are donations for drilling a well, it will be located at the mosque and serve as a water source for the mosque and the surrounding residents,” said Ibnu to Human Initiative volunteers.

Currently, Lumajang, which includes the affected villages, is in an emergency response period of 14 days. This emergency response period is effective from the first day of the disaster on July 7, 2023, until July 20, 2023.

Dear Initiators, for a comprehensive update on the current situation and Human Initiative’s response, please refer to Situation Report #2 The Landslide and Cold Lava Flood in Lumajang. Let us extend our kindness to those affected by supporting the Human Initiative through


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