Open Iftar in the UK: Rendang has Strengthened Unity and Friendship

Open Iftar in the UK: Rendang has Strengthened Unity and Friendship

21 April 2023

South London, the UK – Human Aid Initiative UK, in collaboration with the Ramadan Tent Project, held an Open Iftar 2023 which was themed “Indonesian Nite” at the Battersea Arts Center in South London, England, on April 13, 2023. Hundreds of rice boxes with the main menu of rendang successfully fostered brotherhood between more than 450 Indonesian citizens (WNI) and British citizens who attended the event.

In recent years, Human Aid Initiative UK has worked with the Open Iftar of Ramadan Tent Project 2023 program. The rendang menu, which included fried noodles, potato fried chili sauce, tofu fried chili sauce, and rujak spiced chicken, was fully supported by the Indonesian Muslim community, restaurants, and Indonesian catering services in London.

“I always look forward to Indonesian Nite events, especially the rendang. I will ask for an additional box to give to my father at home,” said Farah, one of the Indonesian citizens who attended the Open Iftar 2023.


It’s not the First Time

The ‘Indonesian Nite’ in the Open Iftar event is not the first time it has been held this year. In 2022, Human Aid Initiative UK together with the Indonesian community in London also contributed to the event by providing some Indonesian cuisines to the 2022 Open Iftar on Liverpool Street, East London.

Nurani Susilo, Director of Human Aid Initiative, revealed that this activity was also a momentum to introduce Islam, Indonesia, and Human Initiative’s global humanitarian work to the very diverse people of London. This kind of activity, he continued, often creates a positive impression because guests share stories and of course share food.

“Anyone is welcome to come, even many non-Muslims have joined. This is a medium to introduce Islam, introduce Indonesia, and the humanitarian activities that we carry out,” said Nurani.


The Attendance of the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia

In addition to the typical Indonesian food menu, the presence of Desra Percaya, the Indonesian Ambassador to the UK, was also a draw for the 2023 Open Iftar activities. In his welcome speech, he praised the creation of Open Iftar that links community and develops understanding relevant to the world’s reality nowadays.

“Activities like this help to unite people from various backgrounds to support each other, which is also the central theme of this year’s Open Iftar celebration,” he said.

Furthermore, Desra Percaya hopes that the collaborative efforts of the Ramadan Tent Project and the Human Aid Initiative can continue to strengthen inter-community relations in the coming years.


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