Qurban with Human Initiative is easier through the Transmart Outlet in Indonesia

Qurban with Human Initiative is easier through the Transmart Outlet in Indonesia

13 June 2022

Jakarta – Eid al-Adha is an important moment for Muslims because on that day Muslims perform Qurban or sacrificing cattle. To welcome the Eid al-Adha 1443 H, Thursday (9/6). Human Initiative and Transmart collaborated to open the qurban animal outlets in the Transmart branch throughout Indonesia. This is an effort to succeed Human Initiative Qurban Program in spreading the benefits of sacrificing to remote countries.

Eka Nurcahaya, Fresh Director of Transmart explained that Transmart is ready to collaborate with Human Initiative to succeed Sebar Qurban (Spread Qurban) program this year.

“Today’s program marks the beginning of the Qurban animal sales program throughout Transmart. We’ll prepare a booth in each of the outlets for all customers who want to buy. Don’t worry, our staff is ready to explain the purchase process. After the transaction takes place, the customer just waits for information and qurban certificates “, said Eka Nurcahaya.

Through this collaboration, Human Initiative Qurban program will distribute qurban to remote places in the country. Later, qurban meat will be distributed to regions that need qurban meat. In 3T areas (outermost, left behind and the most front areas), to areas which have minimal qurban meat and ex-disaster areas.

Human Initiative Vice President, Rully Barlian Thamrin, explained that this collaboration was part of the vision of the Mission of Human Initiative Qurban Program to provide easy access to Muslims who perform Qurban worship this year.

“We also hope, through this collaboration, there will be more and more families in remote countries, especially those who receive minimal qurban meat distribution”, he added.

The initiator friends, now sacrifice with Human Initiative will be easier. Apart from the sacrifice while shopping to the nearest transmart, you can also visit Solusipeduli.org/qurban to be able to immediately buy the animal stock. May our qurban this year be accepted by Allah SWT, Aamiin.

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