“Rumah Senyum Cianjur”*, a Temporary House for the Comfort of Survivors

2 April 2023
“Rumah Senyum Cianjur”*, a Temporary House for the Comfort of Survivors

Dear Initiators, do you remember “Rumah Senyum” at the Cianjur earthquake evacuation site? These temporary houses were built for the convenience of survivors, and there are now 267 units that can accommodate up to 1,335 people.

The Human Initiative began constructing Rumah Senyum with the help of the Initiators in December 2022. The first Rumah Senyum was established in Cigrass Village, Cugenang District, and since then, eight Rumah Senyum have been built at different evacuation sites.

The main purpose of building Rumah Senyum was to provide an alternative living space for survivors while they wait for permanent housing assistance. However, the Human Initiative, with the help of the Initiators, also provided sleeping, cooking, and carpentry equipment.

Deni Kurniawan, Head of the Cianjur Incidental Command System from the Human Initiative, hopes that the families of Cianjur earthquake survivors will have decent housing that can be used for at least one year.

What distinguishes Rumah Senyum from other refugee tents?

This house, made of wooden structures and thick blue tarpaulin, is part of the early recovery program implemented by the Human Initiative. Unlike typical refugee tents, which house several families, one Rumah Senyum is designed for a single family.

Rumah Senyum and other refugee tents share a common feature of having partitioned rooms, consisting of a living room and a bedroom, as well as ventilation to keep the air circulating. Our hope is to provide comfort for the occupants, especially for women giving birth and those in need of rest,” said Deni.

In addition to providing comfort, what sets Rumah Senyum apart is that its raw materials can be repurposed when permanent housing assistance is available from the government. The materials, such as structural timber and thick tarpaulin, can be reused to minimize waste and maximize resources.

Who is eligible to receive assistance from Rumah Senyum?

Rumah Senyum facility is designed to cater to vulnerable groups, including children, women, and the elderly, and is aimed at making them safer from unexpected risks.

However, not every family affected by the disaster is entitled to receive this assistance. To be eligible for this program, the survivor’s home must no longer be habitable due to the disaster.

During the emergency response phase, all the residents were gathered in evacuation tents, as recommended by the local government. However, during the recovery period, residents whose homes are still safe to live in will move back to their respective homes and seek access to help independently.

Dear Initiators, as many as 267 Rumah Senyum were established as a result of your good initiative. Your presence provided a solution in the midst of their helplessness in facing the impact of the earthquake disaster.

Let’s make the #RamadhanforAll happen and continue your kindness during this Ramadhan with the Human Initiative through solusipeduli.org.


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