The Story of HOME ACEH: The Spirit of Children in Learning to Read

The Story of HOME ACEH: The Spirit of Children in Learning to Read

15 September 2022

Initiator Friends, in the previous article, we both listened to Risa’s trip to the HOME Children Learning Center in Aceh. There, she and her friend, Humaira, shared and taught HOME brothers and sisters to be able to implement a healthy lifestyle. Well, this time, we will get stories from HOME brothers in Aceh about their enthusiasm for learning.


“With My Brothers at HOME, I Learned a Lot”


Rifqi, Silva and Kaffah have their own difficulties in learning. Rifqi in his kindergarten age has difficulty in reading a word. Silva is now in the 3rd grade of elementary school, but still has to struggle to read well. Kaffah is good at reading but has difficulty in retelling what she has read.

Long story short, Since March 2020, the three of them have started to participate in learning activities at HOME Pulo Aceh. At that time, HOME Aceh had just opened, slowly the volunteers at HOME helped maximize the potential of Rifqi, Silva and Kaffah to be able to spell, read and tell stories. Alhamdulillah, the three of them have now shown good progress. Rifqi who initially had difficulty reading words, now he can read more.

Silva also has his own story. In terms of education, she was in the 3rd grade of elementary school. However, the capabilities are still limited. Slowly now she has shown good progress in reading. Even often annoyed if she has not been able to read a sentence. “I’m at HOME so happy and often read” he said.

Not only Rifqi and Silva, Kaffah is now not only better at reading. In fact, she now has the confidence to tell stories. Volunteers at HOME often challenge her to retell what she has read. Kaffah has also won stiry telling competition about the journey of Prophet and the Apostle held at HOME. “With my sister at HOME, I learned a lot,” she concluded.

The Parents express their gratitude to Human Initiative donors who have initiated this Home program. “Thank you Donors and Human Initiative, we are very grateful for the care of all the parents for the education of the children here,” they said.

Initiator Friends, even though they have to live far from the capital city, we should not let the children’s enthusiasm for learning stop. If you want to continue to support Human Initiative program, you can visit Thank you all for your good initiative.

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