Delaila: A Student Who Devotes Time to the HOME Learning Center

9 July 2023
Delaila: A Student Who Devotes Time to the HOME Learning Center

Depok, West Java – Delaila (21), a student majoring in Early Childhood Education at Jakarta State University, has been a volunteer with Human Initiative for two years as part of the Volunteer Energy (HIVE) program. Three times a week, she dedicates her time to teaching English to the children at the HOME Learning Center in Cimanggis, Depok, West Java.

Delaila Putri Rahmadani, known by her HIVE nickname Delaila, finds fulfillment in spending time at the HOME Learning Center amidst her busy academic schedule. She believes that HOME is the perfect place for her to share her passion.

“At HOME, I can share what I love with the children. When they understand and benefit from the knowledge I impart, it brings me a special kind of happiness,” she expressed.

Why Volunteer at the HOME Learning Center?

Delaila enthusiastically shared that teaching is her hobby, and she has a great love for children. Even though there are no longer children aged one to four at the center, she remains eager to contribute her teaching skills as a HIVE volunteer.

The HOME Learning Center in Cimanggis, Depok, is conveniently located near her home, making the 30-minute journey worthwhile. Her joy in teaching at HOME surpasses the distance she travels.

Equipping Shopping with Orphans

During her involvement with Human Initiative, Delaila took part in the “Shopping with Orphans” program. This initiative is a wonderful collaboration between the Human Initiative and various strategic partners that allows children to go shopping using vouchers.

“It’s truly heartwarming to see them shopping independently. Some of these children have never been to a supermarket before, so they thoroughly enjoy the experience,” she shared.

Delaila recounted a touching moment when the children went shopping at a bookstore. While they were elated, she couldn’t help but feel saddened when one of the children said, “Sis, why are things so expensive?”

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