New School Supplies for Children with Disabilities at Gema Insani Special School

8 August 2023
New School Supplies for Children with Disabilities at Gema Insani Special School

Padang, West Sumatra – Completing the school activities for children with disabilities at Gema Insani Special School in the new academic year, Human Initiative provided gifts in the form of school supply packages (July 20). These school supply packages are donations from benefactors through the West Sumatra branch of Human Initiative.

In an official Instagram post by Human Initiative West Sumatra, volunteers from Human Initiative can be seen posing for a photo together with the children and teachers. This captured moment of togetherness was taken shortly after the distribution of school supplies to the beneficiary children.

Recognizing the importance of nurturing creativity in children, this time, Human Initiative, through the kindness of the benefactors, not only provided school supplies. Several basic materials for handicrafts were also given to the children. These supplies serve as a medium to sharpen the children’s creativity from an early age.

“In addition to books and clothes, they also received basic materials for crafts such as sandals, crochet thread, wool thread, and wire. These supplies will be used by the children in the future to nurture their creativity as a foundation for their future endeavors,” said Yozi Yuliardi, Head of the Program Division at Human Initiative West Sumatra.

Dear initiators, have you already brought smiles to the children today? In the month that includes National Children’s Day (July 23), let’s join hands and create many more smiles for other children together with Human Initiative through


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